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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cure for common cold! (Disclaimer: Very adult content part 2)

(Preface: It didn’t take long for his mouth to find my body always responds to his touch. I fear his touch because I have no control whatsoever when he touches me…while I moaned, I remember begging him to stop.)


Like I said in part 1, I took a look at the live traffic feed and I noticed that readers in here prefer the blogs with graphic sexual contents? Well here is more, this time from Nutty Jay (muahaha)

The following story gives you a refreshing look at orgasms from the perspective of blowjobs!

‘orgasms’ have been on my mind since Saturday the 16th . It started this way:

Saturday I had gone to see an old flame…we dated 4yrs ago and recently resumed communication this month. Now PB is one of my favorite ex…I was 21 and he 42 when we first began dating…a rich widower I must add. He was leaving for the UK on vacation thus was in Lagos for Friday and Saturday…we were to go clubbing on Friday but I gave a lot of excuses not to make it there…but the real reason was I wasn’t ready for his touch. His touch had a way of making me want to say ‘Master how I can pleasure you’

So I went there on Saturday…I didn’t know what to expect, but I never in my life expected him to still look exactly as he did 4yrs ago…he hadn’t changed a bit…I on the other hand had put on a pound or two. Self consciously, I remembered that he liked tiny girls...

‘OMG I can’t believe this is you’’ he said in between hugs and polite kisses ‘you haven’t changed a bit…except for filling out in all the right places’

Okay that statement reminded me of one reason why I like older guys

‘You look good yourself…actually you look the same…how yo doing dear’ I replied

We got to his hotel room…while I reclined on his king sized bed which scented of lavender, he rested his head on my laps and we did some talking about the past, re-visiting the issues why we broke up…bla bla bla…how he misses me and asking if I was still as crazy and jealous as I was those days. We were laughing with fond memories by now and I told him I had given up smoking, (an habit he detested)…and have reduced alcohol intake, and how being a working class girl had tamed me a bit but hasn’t dulled my fire, no…no boyfriend…by then his hands had found its way to my breast, kneading softly and giving me a rush like only him knew how to. At that moment a thought crossed my mind

‘What about you…what’s been happening with you’’ I asked huskily

‘a lot has happened…and before you ask, I’m still not re-married, although I have a friend in the UK and we’ve been going out for a yr now’’ he talked about business being good, and some other things…his lips saying one thing the bulge in his trousers saying other things.

It didn’t take long for his mouth to find my body always responds to his touch. I fear his touch because I have no control whatsoever when he touches me…while I moaned, I remember begging him to stop.

‘Jay…I know you want me’

‘Yes boss…but I can’t…four years isn't four days’

‘What’s the real reason nutty, don’t lie to me…I know you, your body wants me…what is the real reason’

‘I’m having my monthlies’ the world’s famous excuse…but it was true Aunty Flo was present that day

‘That has never stopped us before’ he replied ‘…what’s the matter dear?’ he placed my hand on his member ‘feel me…don’t you want this… tame me like you know how to Jay, I’m yours if you want me’…I knew PB he wasn’t one to pressurize you against your will…he knew the art of patience better than anyone I know…he knew when to chase and when to refrain from chasing

I was hot for him…I enjoyed torturing him in bed…he could see in my eyes right now that I yearned to school him once more with the tutorials he gives me in bed…I had never had a more skillful lover like PB…what was stopping me? It wasn’t the four years gap…what was stopping me? I’ll tell you…the very first thought I had from the first time he started playing with my breast…and that was the thought that if I die there and then I'd be going straight to hell. Funny right? Yeah I know…but that was it. I just couldn’t shake the feeling…neither could I shake the feeling that I'd already gotten this far, so why not finish it, because the sin would be the same even if I didn’t finish it.

His manhood was inviting and my mouth was beginning to water…I got into my favorite position which was astride him and I saw the satisfied look on his face as he muttered ‘that’s my girl…do to me whatever you please’’

He slowly unfastened my shirt buttons and undid my bra in one fluid motion then began working his way down to my trouser zips, that was when I bent close to his ears, my breast on his face, and whispered:

‘’leave my trousers on…and let me give you a time to remember’’

He obeyed…he knew what I had in mind…he knew this was all I was willing to offer and he wasn’t going to turn it down. My lips found his breast while my hands got a hold of his belt, binding his right hand to the bedpost, leaving his left hands to wander as they liked above my belt area…I bit his breast gently the way he liked and was rewarded by a satisfied moan…I felt his hard on like rocks beneath my trousers…Lawd I was damn horny. I slid down a bit leaving my hand on his right breast kneading away and took his throbbing manhood in my mouth…that was when it hit me that I had missed him far more than I knew… his dick felt good in my mouth, just like those days…his groans were music to my ears…I took my mouth off for a minute so I could get his balls in my mouth and worked it like I knew how…I felt the rush to his dick and skillfully took it back into my mouth one hand working it up and down and he begged...he was delirious and I just love it when a grown man squirms and gasps and calls me ‘mommy’ in the throes of sexual ecstasy…’don’t ever leave me again nutty’ he kept muttering, I knew he was cumming…it felt like heavy rush of water going through a pipe and I got my mouth off just in time for his juice to spill all over my hands…he was shaking from his orgasm and muttering:

‘Where have you been nutty…don’t leave me again nutty’’

‘I’m here baby’ I was upset….

I stayed upset through the Chinese food we ordered, through the next orgasm he had and the one after that… I remained upset but smiling even as he begged me to be there when he got back from the airport…saying he was leaving his ATM card with me and he wanted me to use it till I meet him at the airport when he comes back (wayo man he for give me the one when get millions inside…mscheeeeew)

Its been five days and I’m still upset…besides that, I can’t stop thinking of ‘orgasms

My thoughts: The above piece, titled 'Orgasms??' was written by today's featured author Nutty Jay



Nutty J. said...

u re a naughty naughty person

Jeez...just re-read this.

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Wait ooo.....i wan go take cold shower...just wet my panties!...! that was one detailed sexual scene...yeah! i noticed it also that sex magnitised people to a place...these 3 letter word is so powerful that it can make or mar a relation ship.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Nuttttttttyyyy Jay! welcome back!

@ nitty gritty: so true! The blog that has the most visit in here is the one that has the most graphic content!lol

thanks my sisters!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, nothing ever happens like that in Oxford! Looking forward to Part 2 in a very voyeuristic way!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Er, for part 2, kindly click on nutty jay. As it is I amquaking me boots! :))