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Sunday, 24 June 2012


*Alleged* true article I saw online of an encounter....DO NOT READ ALONE IN THE DARK ;)

Before I begin let me give you a quick rundown of my background before this series of events.

I was a typical rebellious teenager, kicked out of my parents house at the age of 17. At that time my life was at a low point. A friend and I began researching local legends and the paranormal out of boredom really. Nothing real exciting, lost graveyard exploring in the middle of the night, ouija board, and mostly just a strong interest in the occult. We did experience a few scary events, but the overall feeling that we had opened ourselves up to something horrible is what scared us the most. In particular, I remember the feeling of being vulnerable and the feeling like there was something terrible out there and it knew who I was.

FYI, I decided to tell my story this morning because I woke up thinking about this experience and I think I'm only now truly understanding what it was.

At the time of my experiences I was married to my ex-wife and we had two very young children together.

Here we go, the first night of my series of experience went something like this......I was up late on my computer. At the time I was still in college taking some online classes. My computer desk was situated in my bedroom on the opposite wall of the doorway. So, if you were to sit at my computer, your back would face the doorway into my room. It had to have been after midnight, perhaps much later. I was the only soul awake in our apartment, the lights were off, and the only sounds in the home were of my fingers punching the keys on my keyboard. Suddenly, a child's voice came from directly behind me. "Daddy." It was loud, and scared me half to death. I whipped around expecting to see that one of my little ones had gotten out of bed, but there was noone there. I couldn't believe it. Clearly I had heard something. It was plain as day. I hurried into my kids room and there they were. Both of them sound asleep in their beds.

The next morning I told my Mary (ex-wife) about what had happened. She quickly told me I must have been tired and should have gone to bed earlier. I also had entertained that exhaustion must have been the culprit. I went about my day having for the most part let go of the idea.

A few nights later I heard a loud band on either the front door or a wall in the living room. It wasn't like someone's knuckles making the tell-tale sounds of a knock, more like a bang. We lived in an old apartment complex on the edge of a vast field on the edge of town. Our apartment was on the bottom floor with a vacant floor above us. There was no lighting other than a small porch light which always made us nervous coming home at night because it would have been the perfect ambush spot for a robber. So, hearing the bang in the living room was a sure sign that someone was trying to break-in. I grabbed my shotgun, woke up Mary, and she had her cell phone ready to call the police as I checked out the apartment. There was noone at the front door. The kids were sound asleep, we went to bed.

A few nights later, having put the events behind me I had gone to bed. I awoke in the middle of the night hearing something...I put the shotgun next to the bed.

The next evening Mary, the kids, and I had made a pallet on the floor in the living room and were watching a movie as a family. Mary was laying in front of me and was sound asleep halfway through the movie. At one point I rolled over to see the kids had fallen asleep on the pallet between me and the couch. Towards the end of the movie I heard a commotion in my children's room. It was the sounds of movement-activated toys that begin playing songs and sounds when you shake them or bump them. Immediately, I realized that my two year old must have gotten up from behind me and wandered into his room to play. A smile came to my face with the thought. Suddenly, a dark shape darted across the living room, into my room, from the kid's room. I rolled over, both kids sound asleep. This whole incident from the toy sounds, to the shape darting across the room, to my realization that it wasn't one of my children, occured in just a few seconds. Again, I investigated. Tonight the kids would sleep in my bedroom floor on a pallet of blankets.

At this point, Mary still doesn't believe me so I tell my younger brother who isn't sure what to believe. He decides to come spend the night at my house. I am sound asleep when I wake up to someone knocking on my bedroom door. It's my brother. I open my door, he just wanted to let me know that one of my kid's is awake and wandering the apartment and it woke him up. Confused, I asked what he was talking about? He replied that one of my kids was saying, "Daddy" and it woke him up, and I needed to check on my kids. The problem was that my kids were safe and sound and asleep on a pallet in my floor. They had fallen asleep in my bedroom watching tv earlier in the evening and we kept them in the room so my brother could sleep in their room.

Now I have someone that believes me. Over the next few weeks more things happen. Strange things. One afternoon I emerged from my room to find that my daughter was asleep in the sink in the kids bathroom? Somewhere I have a picture of it. Probably on the hard drive of my old PC that crashed. Another evening I came home from work to find Mary asleep in our bedroom and my daughter asleep on the kitchen tabletop? Also, by this time the kids no longer slept in their room, and I had developed a fear of going into the children't bathroom. I was especially scared to look into that bathroom mirror.

One night, I woke up hearing something at my bedroom door. My doorknob was turning, I could see it plain as day. Thankfully, it was locked. Same story, the kids were asleep in the floor on a mountain of blankets and pillows, Mary was asleep, and I'm grabbing for the shotgun. I woke up Mary, who at this point she just rolls her eyes in disbelief. As I grab the still door-knob it twists in my hand. Obviously, this scared the sh#& out of me. A few minutes later I get the courage to have Mary rip the door open with my shotgun trained on the door opening. Nothing there but the blackness of the living room.

I should explain that through this entire event our marraige had been deteriorating. There were fights, yelling, arguing between us. Also, my curiosity of these events led me to think about it a lot. I was back to researching similar stories on the internet. I also found myself watching a lot of horror movies, it was like that was all I wanted to do. I was truly terrifiyed by the situation I was in, my marriage was dissolving, but horror movies seemed like a good idea.

She spoke with a chaplain at the Air Force base that she worked at. He mentioned a simalar story that he had dealt with before. He specifically asked if we were dabling in the occult or watching horror movies. He also specifically asked if there was much anger in the home, and if our relationship was struggling. He told her the child's voice I was hearing saying "Daddy" was no child, but an imposter posing as a child.

Now she was also scared.

The fighting continued as we continued to fall apart. I began finding reasons to leave home.

The last occurance happened one evening as I was leaving to go meet my brother to do some fishing. I left the apartment and began walking to my truck. I had the urge to turn around as if someone was following me. In the window of the second story apartment above our I saw something....It was the face. It was utterly horrifying. It was staring right at me and it had a smile on it face. I can only describe it as an ashen face, or like a really dark face that had appeared to have a white make-up on. Minimal, or no lips with a mouth full of crooked teeth. If you have seen the movie 'the exorcist' the it would be similar to the face that appears briefly on the wall of one of the rooms when they turn the lights off. I tried to explain it away at first, but the apartment was vacant. The face turned as I walked backwards towards my truck, following my movement. It was clearly watching me with its creepy smile. I got in my truck and did a once around the block drive. I came back home and it was no longer in the window.

I'm not sure why that apartment above us was always vacant. At one point there were people living there...briefly. They were constantly screaming and arguing.

Anyway, we got a divorce. Life has moved on. I have had more scary experience sorta follow me wherever I go. I could go on for

Anyways...believe me or don't. I don't really care. It happened to me, and it happens to many people. There were many other things that occured to me during this time. I only stated the parts that were still vivid enough to give an account in detail. However, I remember the entire few months in my life as living in fear.....


P.S: The Ouija board has long since been destroyed. As a matter of fact it was home-made by some friends of mine, and I. It was something we played around with prior to my demonic encounters. I believe that I made myself a target so to speak by using it. Or, I opened a doorway that allowed them to get at me. This was several years ago, We have all since moved on....

I think if you go looking for something the ways that I did then you will find them...or they will find you


'Lara said...

OMG..everyone is sleeping with everyone. I need to go back to read this, I missed out after the first read.

Anonymous said...

scary sheet!

Anonymous said...

scary sheet!

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scary sheet!