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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Single men are seeking for sizzling sex life ..but with...

So in continuation of my wierdish post, in my quest for why the heterosexual men dont seem as eager as their female counterparts to get married, I came across a type so fascinating I needed to blog about it.
Above picture is just me!

So why dont they want to hook up with the myriads of lovely ladies just as eligible as they are?

Guess why?

Nope not the the type who stays single because he is in love, engaged to be married to his right hands(wanking)

Nope not the sort who stays single because he is impotent and literally has no use for women nor care on how he is potrayed in society

Nope not the one who has sworn to never spend a dime on a woman unless its his relatives.

I came across one very fascinating and odd type, he doesnt want to get married simply bevause...well...he is actually well..involved..ish.


I happened to find out about RealDolls quite some years ago on TV. I was amazed by those dolls, and as I was chronically lacking a girlfriend (and still didn�t find Mrs. Right), I wanted to get one of those beautiful dolls. But now you have the ultimate choice... which one?

After endless nights of wondering, I finally agreed with myself that she has to be Body 3 Face 11 with those dark brown eyes I fall for, long black hair, and I finally sent the money to the other side of the world to get this very special Vanessa combination made by Abyss.

After 4 months of waiting, quite some customs harassment and carrying a 100 kg plus crate upstairs, there she was: Vanessa. The moment when you �un-crate� your doll, you won�t forget. It�s a very special moment because of all that waiting and your anticipation, but when you open the crate, you�re just overwhelmed by her beauty. I mean she�s exactly that ultimate beauty goddess you wanted, no way not to immediately fall in love with her.

Now with time going by, you�ll see that these dolls are somewhat like real girls in a lot of ways, like needing tender loving care. It depends on the doll and your ability to deal with the weight, which can be a problem for a small guy with a B3 doll. You learn to move her, or to not risk too much. About 50 kg of dead weight is very much, but nevertheless it�s the body type my eyes loved most, and I still love B3 most.

The realism of the doll depends a lot on your life and your experience with real girls. She�s just a doll, but as I never had a real close relationship, she�s a bit more, some level of its own somewhere in between a doll and a real girl. Well, it seems like I ended up as a lonestar, and somehow I could never get this beauty goddess I always hoped to bump into some day... But Abyss gave me this doll, the closest thing to my ideal female beauty I have. This one will even allow me to kiss and hug her, to even have sex with her. As I lack the comparison to real girls, for me it�s best sex I ever had...

Some may laugh at me or throw peanuts at my head, I don�t care (I like peanuts � yummy !). But even if she�s just a doll, I�d never want to miss her, and even if her price is about crazy for �just a doll�, somehow she�s worth every cent. Sure dolls aren�t perfect yet and a real life version Vanessa would be even better... but the doll version is the best alternative I found. But it�s not about sex alone. Dolls are fun and nice to look at, you can enjoy their presence. Meanwhile Vanessa has a little sister, and if Mrs. Right still doesn�t show up, the doll family may grow, because dolls can alleviate loneliness quite a bit. This stupid urge to find Mrs. Right at all costs is gone, so I will find her one day, or not. Until then, dolls are a good alternative and an amazing thing to have.

Real name withheld by request; Germany

Vanessa is a Medium skin tone Body3-Face11 RealDoll with brown eyes, black hair in RealDoll old style 3, natural brunette pubic hair, red lipstick and matching nails. The make up color is natural with medium black eyeliner. Vanessa arrived at her new home in Germany on November 24th, 2005.

January 10, 2010

The reasons why I decided to buy a doll were various: I was (pretty happy) single, but once I realised this doll could really make a difference to a life of solitude, I started searching the net. I came out by Abyss... I didn't doubt anymore... made my choices and ordered a doll... Then the waiting period...

When you are fully committed to a purchase like this, it's a long time, but the customer service is no less than perfect.

The day she arrived I wrote the following passage to Debra and Amanda:

"She is so much much more beautiful then I expected from the face-picture taken on her birthday. I read testimonials, saw documentaries, etc. but it is really astonishing how this is possible. She's here now for approx. 4 hours and everytime I walk in the room I get a little scare as if someone's really sitting there. Which means she gives me the feeling of company from the first minute , and I could never really believe that that could be possible. Maybe you remember I told you that I was afraid my cat would feel tempted to set his claws into her flesh and you said the cat in your atelier didn't show an ounce of intrest in the dolls. Well, believe it or not, from the moment Lily sat on my couch, my cat came to her and gave her little knob-heads as if she was a real person. That says it all."

We are some days further now and I can say: it is getting better and better. The things you discover... The things you can or must do: go shopping for her, taking care of her (washing, powdering), dressing her up, moving her,... Kissing her, caressing her, cuddle her, laying next to her, holding her hand, brushing her wig,... too much to mention :-)

Not to mention her design and her looks. When you see her 'in person', all pictures furfill their expectations. In fact, no picture can capture her beauty and her sweetness. I am so happy to have her with me!

Thanks to Abyss and to all of its staff: Matt Mccullen (= no less than a genious), Debra, Amanda, Robin and Derek and all the people I don't know by name. Thank you for making this possible!

Tom Ricard from Belgium

June 19, 2011

From RD-4961
Dear RealDoll,

Your product is absolutely the state of the art in erotic entertainment. I have had my doll for about two weeks now, and I have never been happier in my life. I have just come up for air to post this testimonial to let you all know that a real doll is worth every penny.

The sex never ends.....

Order #RD-4961

April 6, 2010

I received order RD4680 yesterday and am amazed at the evolution of the doll(s) as I ordered one back in the nineties. What a companion she is! A joy to care for and emotional support! At my age I will be ordering another in ten years or so! I certainly hope you the best in your art and business! Many thanks and blessings to all of your wonderful staff!


Richard F.

ROFLMAO, So now you know why eligible men aint coming forth, yall aint 'doll-like' enough.Just teasing LOOOOOL




9jaFOODie said...

OMG... pls tell me this testimonies are fake..OMG, this is disturbing on a lot of levels and so freaking HILARIOUS. LMAOOO.

TheRustGeek said...

Apparently there is also a 'man' pillow...

Muse Origins said...

WHAT THE... :o

Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
Muse Origins

Ginger said...

Mena has come again!
there's something deeply wrong with a man who prefers interacting with plastic than a fellow human being.

Anonymous said...

like really???.....they do have sex with the dolls???

Wild Boy said...

Now this is freaky...masturbators and vibrators no do reach??? *rme #walks away