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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Non politically correct stereotypes :-D

Greetings people! welcome! are you h.a.p.p.y today? yes?no? its all good! Now put on your humour hat and lets talk about the "s" word.. er no, the other "s" word,stereotypes!

*names are missing, or have been altered for obvious reasons. mine remain the same though;-)*

Most people are of the opinion that stereotypes are wrong, ignorant, negative..and so on. They probably are right. However methinks it is just a natural way to "be", a necessary part of our evolution.
Take for example ,when Z ,an Australian,asked me if we have ever heard about blu-rays in Africa or when I asked my Chinese friend to tell me what Geishas are all about..Hey its all good!..but... i digress.

you see, what i find mind-blowing is when stereotypes do not work! Enjoy the following scenarios.:-)

Escorted a Polish friend of mine to HMV, on sighting q Beyonce album, He opined "i do not understand whats all the fuss about Beyonce. I mean, she is a great artiste and all, but is way to skinny to be considered as sexy!" Thought to myself alright..

I walked into a restaurant and was waiting to be seated. Could not help but notice three guys ( two of african descendant, one of asian descent) standing in front of me and looking through a magazine.It had an article about ,the then US Senator, Obama . One of them, an African from ###,said, "I dont understand why they say that he is black" the other two shrugged in confusion and they all kept on staring..

I was on the top half of a double decker bus in a metropolitan city, when one of the passengers suddenly went beserk.."What the f##k are you talking about?! Shut the f##k up!You?!, what the f##k are you staring at?!" Not another drunk brother or so i thought, i looked around to see a young man wearing a hooded jacket. In his anger,the hood fell off,lo and behold,he was white, with blond hair and blue eyes..i looked away.

While carrying out some research at the library, a female friend of Ghanian descent stressed on her point of view. "look,he is too "left" for my liking. The man is just trying to please everybody. I have studied his agenda and they are not realistic. do you really think i should support him,just cos he is black?" Yes, thats her opinion of Obama.

Went for a bit of retail therapy in Topshop, when one of the shop assistant blurted out his opinion. "JayZ should stay away from our beloved glastonbury! we dont want his type of music and thats it" He was a *blinged* up black boy

and the grand finale....

In one of the various flats i have resided in, i had a neighbour who was of Jewish and German descent, he was about 5ft 4, slim and a bit of an introvert. I figured he was the shy/self conscious type..until that fateful night. I woke up to loud moans coming from his flat,it was him! i could make out the words.."Back that a##e up..yeah,now wiggle.." Soon enough there came a reply from a feminine sounding voice. "Utterly fantastic! Sorry.. but i think am gonna come now"
Needless to say i could barely sleep with all that screams. The morning after, i take out the trash, and lo, he opens up his door and walks out with a huge grin on his face, then the lady comes out... she was about 5ft 11 inch, a black lady, whose outfit reminded me of Lil Kim! i was gobsmacked!

Thanks for reading through. ;-)

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The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

lol....were should i start from now, biko ehn?...i mean, in every rule, there is always an exception abi?.....saying obama ain't black?....ha! the quiet ones are the most unpredictable o!.

Marilyn said...

It is our stereotypes that makes life funny, even funnier is when we expose them. Oh wishing one had thicker walls so the neighbours can have their privacy...poor lil Kim.
Loved the read...we are who we are, it is just the perceptions of what we think that get in the way.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Love it Mena! I never know what to expect, and on that front you always deliver! I loved hearing about different people's perspectives on things.... my fave was the little skinny German guy pulling the tall black lady... genius!

Nutty J. said...

So much for stereotypes...I can imagine ur surprise at the last scene.


IGwe J. K. said...

I couldn't understand 'Beyonce is too skinny to be sexy', was that an irony? She's not skinny for sure..

skankmypeaceofmind said...

i don't understand?