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Sunday 31 July 2011

...another controversial topic Nekkid Wimmin

Perhaps its because ladies bodies are the finest things God's created that almost every opportunity is used to shed the clothing covering them under any guise they might think off. Some claim is for fame and then money others for 'punishment'

Check this photos out and you decide, dont worry, mine is the the very last picture...




4 Not quite naked but I bet you see my point:





oh and as promised here is mine 9


:p.s: someone tell me what is with this fad with taking clothes off women to make money off her or stripping her naked to 'disgrace' her?' Am all ears...

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Disclaimer: very controversial sex related topic, but would love to read yout thoughts :-)

(Painting by Édouard-Henri Avril (1843–1928))

The menage a trios seems to be a common thing nowadays...with threesomes and orgies happening... every man including Tnotes claims to have experienced it at one time or the other..*the women will not say* lol..
So what is you take on this...?

And as we await your 'take', here is another testimony shared by a guy, spread online by Oketa, that you might want to give opinions on..*Ahem, not for the fainthearted*

Excerpt from a homosexual man who is trying to find himself.

I am 51 years old. You may call me Tantric Nutter aka tnuts for now. I do not believe labeling is a good thing, but I think most folks would consider me to be a homosexual. With that, here is a brief telling of my story and my sense of male homosexuality.

I always liked girls. In fact, I still do! And as far as I know, I lack the capacity to have romantic feelings for men. It is a very powerful lust. Except for one time, I have not been with a male since I was 15, but I am addicted to homosexual fantasies - absolutely addicted. I resist often, but I cannot resist for good. After awhile, the passion is white hot and relentless. It is insane.

Until I was about 40 years old, I only knew two reasons why I have the desires I do. One, I was initiated into mutual masturbation by my best friend. I was 12 and not ready to be sexual. I didn't even know what gay was. I was sleeping over at his house and he begged me to do things with him. After many refusals, I eventually said yes.

I couldn't believe how good it felt. This went on for 3 years.

From perhaps 6 months after my initial experience, I always worried that I was gay; things got more uncertain, and I suffered a sexual trauma at 19. I was invited to be with a woman and I felt I had to give it a go or I was just giving up on my sexuality. So I said yes. My first major heterosexual experience was a total flop.

From that moment on, my homosexual desires became nuclear.

My next revelation was providential. I was talking to my mother and she was badmouthing my father who had fairly recently left her. I said something to her that was completely not premeditated. I told her:

Dad evoked virtually nothing in me, but fear.

We were both shocked. Just one week after this, I was at a public library and chanced upon books on homosexuality. I came upon a book by Charles Socarides who wrote:

No one with a healthy relationship with his father develops a homosexual pattern.

Those two events (what I said to my mother and this quotation) were a revelation from above.

I have also come to know:

As a baby, I cried every two hours and my mother, in exasperation, took me to the doctor. He prescribed barbiturates. As a result, I did not develop an adequate sense of being. My sense of being is incomplete. This is why when I fantasize being with a man, the man is quite like me. In this respect, my homosexual desire is a sexualized attempt to recover my sense of being.


My father was an highly verbally abusive, absent alcoholic. He did not touch. He rarely related to me. He did not teach me how to be a boy and then a man. As a result, I have an inadequate sense of my masculinity. There was also trauma around my father.

My mother terrorized me when I was little. I came to believe mom doesn't like me, and I am not good enough for her. There was a lot of trauma around her and it left me ambivalent and fearful of the opposite sex. I could never be afraid of gay sex, but I often suffered performance anxiety with women. I am afraid of women. I am not good enough for women, and women don't like me.

Mom and I are doing great now, but even she told me she was especially hard on me. She played favorites, I was her least favorite, and I knew it and it galled me.

I have no tangible memory of being loved as a child. I am not saying I was not loved, I just can't think of anything.

Unbeknownst to me, I was starving for love, aching for the filling of unmet needs, and broken due to assorted trauma.


I filled the vacuum with a sexual counterfeit, a homosexualized counterfeit. The love vacuum would have been filled with some counterfeit, alcohol, drugs, perfectionism, whatever. Mine was filled with homosexuality. This is what assuaged my pain.

The intensity of my homosexual desires is a combination of unmet healthy needs, unprocessed emotional pain (trauma), and lies believed - and all this is joined to latent male sexuality. It is one powerful concoction.

I need somehow to fill my healthy unmet needs. I need to know a mother and a father's love. I need to know what a newborn finds when he adequately bonds. I need to process through the trauma.

The dilemma I face is that all my life I detached from myself and now I have to find a way to connect with myself. Homosexuality is a detachment disorder.

Homosexuality is a consequence of brokenness of soul. I am not here to judge anyone; I am just here to state the truth. If someone is on crutches, I can have compassion for his lot in life. I can love him, but I cannot honestly declare him to be as well as a person not in need of crutches.

I cannot and will not call unwellness, wellness.
My homosexuality is a consequence of unwellness of soul. I am not well, but partly through my Savior Jesus Christ, I continue to try to find a way. Being blessed with the insights I have gained and being protected from the ravages of the gay lifestyle, indicate to me that what He has started, He will finish.

Any thoughts?

p.s: Ginger and Olori, Huge Thanks for all the mentions and for all the love you have shown me, may Help come unexpectedly from the Lord in whatever challenge you may currently be facing Amen! :)


Saturday 16 July 2011

DONT FLY (An experience to deter you from flying)

Don't ever fly BELLVIEW! why, ? well,

Scene 1
My intention was to travel to the United Kingdom to spend my holiday of 2 weeks
with my sister and her family and maybe, do a spot of
shopping and some other
stuff. I began with phone calls to some travel agent and
their responses were
all similar. They told me Virgin and B.A were fully booked
(by the very rich or
timely, I suppose) and my options were limited to Arik,
Qatar and Bellview. I
had to choose and I chose bellview (if it because they were
cheap I wouldn't
feel so cheated). Arik was not available for the dates I
wanted to travel and I
didn't like Qatar's idea of stopping over somewhere
in the Middle East for a
couple of hours, so my major reason was that Bellview would
take me straight to
Part 1

Murtala Mohammed Airport.

I arrived at the airport at 6a.m and the queue was already
about 100 human
beings long.
I finally checked in around 8.50a.m and there were still
another 100 or more
people behind me to check in for a 9.05 flight. We all
waited and boarded the
aircraft, finally, at 11.30 a.m.

Scene 2
The plane is full of surprises.

We were about to board and I suddenly noticed the plane had
"euromediterranean" inscribed on it.

Lady behind me: S’cuse me. Please may I see your
ticket? I think I'm getting on
the wrong plane. My ticket says Bellview.

Me: I don't know o. I’m really confused.

Airhostess: Yes, come, come. It eeez Bellview. (In Indian
Me (soliloquizing): Her uniform is red and green. I thought
Bellview colours
were sky blue and white. Anyway make I sha reach London in
one piece.

Me: My seat number is 23A please (I had specifically asked
for a window seat).

Airhostess: Don’t worreee, Madam. It eez free
seating.. You can sit any where
you like (no first class or business class).

Me: Oh ok (now more confused).
One woman almost went crazy.

Woman: Look here. How can you tell me it is free sitting
when I have 6
children, all under the age of 12? We are a family we
should sit together. Look
at our boarding passes. They are numbered serially (in a
flawless British
accent). Shuo! Na whish kain mumu flight attendant be dis
wan o! (In Waffi

Me: I just could not suppress the

Airhostess: Sorry, Madam.

Scene 3

More surprises.

Public Address system comes on.

Pilot: Good morning ladies and gentlemen (in Middle Eastern

You are welcome aboard Egypt
Air……………. (5 seconds pause)
and Bellview Airlines
(In a louder voice) flight 328 to London Heathrow, bla,
bla, bla…….

Please listen while we take you through the safety
procedure, bla, bla, bla…….

Before take of, an air freshener would be sprayed to
neutralize any odours.
Please cover your nose and mouth In case you are sensitive
to the chemicals (I
swear to God he said that) shortly after take-off we will
show you a movie from
our selection, to keep you entertained.

So, they sprayed the things, we took off nicely and they
started the movie
(Marley and Me, Jennifer Anniston). Alas, there was no

Me: Excuse me. My earphones not working

Airhost (lol): Our engineers are worrrking on eet.
There’s sound is not coming up.

(Please I need to describe him. He was bald with large eyes
and his English
sounded a lot like Arabic. Yeah, that’s it)

This female passenger explained in native dialiect: Iro lon pa o! ko ni sise(Yoruba for; he’s
lying. It won’t work)

Me: I didn’t know it was general. I thought it was my

The audio never came up. So I had to imagine what Jennifer
was saying. I had to
imagine what Marley was saying too, but luckily he
didn’t say much. Marley’s a

I also had to imagine;

Why the blankets gave off a horrible smell.

Why the flight attendants had Air Italy on their badges.

Why people opened the toilets and shut them again running
back to their seats (some screaming)
Why the flight attendants kept going to and from the
toilet holding a big teapot(no, I didn’t drink any tea thanks)

Why my window wouldn’t shut and the sun was burning
my skin off

Why lot of people were fanning themselves
Why the people seated by the toilet looked so angry and
were holding their
The flight felt a lot longer than 5-6 hours. I thought my
Swatch stopped
working, but then Swatches don’t do that. Only some
other watches do. When we
eventually landed in London the time was 5.45 p.m and the
landing was just as
good as the take-off.
Anyway, so I don't spoil business for Bellview. If you
enjoy suspense,
adventure, bad odours, scary rides and emotional trauma, go
ahead and fly
Bellview after all, they are The Preferred Airline.
Watch out for part 2,lol.

Part 2
I had a very nice time, thanks to my sister, her husband,
their two beautiful
daughters and many other people who might be offended if I
put their names here.
I had fun and I rested. I had Ramadan, work and Akute
Lagos traffic on my
mind. I had done my last minute shopping and said my
bye-byes.. I was packing my
luggage when my phone rang and the following conversation


Preparation for arrival.

Person: Good evening. May I speak with passenger Olayinka,
please? (Yoruba-
British accent)

Me: Speaking.

Person: I’m sorry to inform you that your flight to
Lagos has been cancelled……

Me: But I have to be at work on Monday (being my very hard
working self, wink).

Person: Not to worry, madam. The flight has been
rescheduled for Sunday
evening, so you will

be in Lagos on Monday morning.

Me: Uh….., ok? (Confused)

Person: Thanks. Bye bye (hangs up).

So, I told my sis and we started deliberating. Could it be
true? It’s never
happened to me before (but I used to fly B.A and Virgin,
and even Virgin
Nigeria when it was in existence). I later decided it was
one of my friends
playing pranks (Bode, I actually thought it was you) and so
I called the number

Me: Hello. You just called me.

Person: Is that Buki? bla bla bla……….

Me: No, this is Yinka. What is my surname?

Person: Hold on a second please. ….Is it Ademuyiwa?
The flight has been

Me: What’s the flight number?

Person: B3 283

Me: Ok. Thanks (I hang up feeling dejected)
I discovered it was for real. Not a prank but gross
inefficiency on the part of
Bellview airlines. Anyway, my sister and her family were
going to a party the
next day, so, it would not be a boring wait. We had fun at
the party and didn’t
have to worry about the time or any journey to the airport.

Scene 2
Bellview Office

The next day, I packed again and we went to the shops to
get chocolates (last
minute shopping again. Yeah, for you guys. I’m
fasting.). Once again, my phone
rang and the number looked familiar. You guessed right!
Bellview again.
Person: Please, is theees passenger Olayinka
Adem…….? (Indian accent this time)

Me: Yes, what is it this time?

Person: I’m sorree to say that yourrr flight has been
cancelled again. Shifted
to tomorrow,

Monday night. Same time.

Me: What?!, You’re joking. I mean, I’ve to go
to work. Do I get any
compensation for

Person: I’m sorry. I’m not Bellview staff. We
were only paid to make the
You can call their office to talk to their manager about
Me: Hello,helloo.

I’ve never felt like that before. What….! To
get one’s heart broken twice in
the space of 24hrs.

Anyway, we went back home with the chocolates and I start
sending out text
messages to my family, friends and


The next morning, my sister, very kindly, went with me to
Bellview’s office in
Kilburn. We didn’t get to see their manager for the
45 minutes that we spent
there (they made my sis late for work). They told us they
would fly that night
but they could not tell us the exact time for check-in or
take-off. One nice
supervisor (Mr. Olusakin, or so) endorsed my ticket and
also tried to polish
their already very tarnished image in his lovely Yoruba
accent (not in the
least influenced by working in London). My sis (a lawyer
b.t.w) asked him if I
and it took him
another 10 minutes to explain that I might not get any
compensation. We had to
leave before he finished, though, because we were sure that
they wouldn’t pay
for our parking ticket. My sis went to work and I, back to
her house.
Scene 3
At the Airport

We got to the airport at 6.30.p.m to check in for a
9.45.p.m flight. The queue
was “3 days long”. Saturday people, Sunday
people and the original Monday
people. My 7 year old niece said she’d never seen so
many African people in one
gathering.. We were all in a dilemma. Some other passengers
who didn’t get any
phone call had been taken to a hotel by Bellview airlines
only to be sent out
later because Bellview didn’t pay.

I felt so sorry for a group of 80 children (and their care
givers/teachers) who
were visiting the U.K for the first time on excursion. We
finally started to
check-in around 8.00.p.m. The Saturday people (my category)
first, then Sunday
opinion, they might have
bribed their way through). I had dinner with my sis and
family at one of the
restaurants at Heathrow (they were really kind to stay with
me through the
whole ordeal). They went home wishing me luck and leaving
me to my fate as, I
walked through the boarding gate. The time was 9.30p.m.

All the passengers had come through the boarding gates by
12.p.m (yes, boarding
took that long).

We couldn’t even eat nor do any shopping because all
the duty-free shops had
closed. We were subjected to compulsory socializing or
compulsory sleep. I
chose the option of talking to my self.

We finally boarded the aircraft at 2.42a.m (that was
Tuesday). Same Egypt
airplane, same cabin crew (not very good looking or maybe I
was just tired).
The food was good though (or maybe I was just very hungry,
lol). I don’t want
to scare you, but I think the flight was very bumpy, noisy
(grinding sounds)
and shaky.

Scene 4

Finally in 9j.
We finally landed in Nigeria at around 8.a.m on Tuesday
morning. First thing I
did was read a whole chapter of the Quran (I confess, a
short one) to thank God
for his mercies. Then, I called my boss.
Me: Good morning Sir. We just landed.
Oga: hmmmm. Ok. Welcome. You can go home

Me: (near tears). What sir? I’m fired?
Oga: (laughing) No, go home and rest. See you tomorrow.

Me: Thank you sir. God bless you

Oga: You’re welcome. Next time don’t fly
Bellview o!

Little did I, know that the drama wasn’t over. One of
their staff came to tell

Gotta go. I’m off to the airport to look for my

p.s: This was written by a disgruntled passenger, but if Mena talk her own, what happened in 1903 might repeat itself ;)

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Now I see it is a sin damnable to hell to be single at a certain age (This is one of my hardest, honest and incoherent (still feverish) blog til date)

I came to Nigeria not full of hopes and dreams, I am more realistic than that, but with the hope that the things i had hoped for will work out.

Well I have to wait for a month for one of the networks I had relied on for some business /employment deals also had to leave out of the country for a month

First week was very hot (obvioulsy)due to the change in weather between Lagos and London.

First day I was sweating and had to get down to my chemise, my mum kept complaining i was risking pneumonia by being on the ac (air conditioning) all day.

Third day I was sreamed, shouted commanded out of bed and asked why i was not married, with no space for response I was told that i was too choosy, too picky, now too fat, too ugly, too shapeless, and so many other words, what I got from that was that i had become an embarrasment to them for still being in their property at an age I should be married. (they didnt say so, it was what i grabbed) My very youngest sister who looked up to me and hoped to also move back called to ask how my first day was...i was honest (we are brutally honest with one another)

I digress, soon after my dads commands and ignorig of my defence that a lady does not marry herself, my mum took me aside not to get upset or anything as all the plans were in place.

Soon after they left for their own one month vacay abroad.

Luckily enough during the day i had an offer from a dear old friend to Abuja. Now this is a friend of about a decade plus. Note: i dont have new friends per se, my friends are/were either from nursery, primary, secondary, uni or work establishment or were made and lasted for at the least 5years of happiness, fights, makeups, you know the drill *i hope*)

Anyway back to topic I got this wonderful offer for Abuja but also heard that my dear friend since 1991 had lost her dad.(She resides in Abuja. So I prepared to use the opportunity to visit her if my host had the spare time.

As I packed my bags to go on the trip, my dad called up and commanded i shouldnt leave the adopted daughter all by herself, I explained that the she will be just fine but my dear friend will not be and she needed me, someone who practically grew up with them in Reeve Road Ikoyi.

Besides I dont take deaths very well,I lost my grannny in 2008 and still havent gotten over it

my grandmas death still hurts I love that woman so much never a harsh word never a raised vice even in judgement

Back to topic, My mum took over the phone and shouted that 20yrs friendship means nothing and so what, besides we are all irresponsible not being married at our ages, still living with parents or if not with parents living with no husbands. I was quiet during her rant. 1 Because i was gobsmacked that she couldnt epathise with a young bereaved girl nor understand why i would want to be with her, 2 because one of the promises she made that spurred me on to relocate was that this marriage pressure issue wont come up Anyway she finished and hung up on me, right on time as thge cabin crew said we should all switch off her phones, well I got my hanky out and for a 50minute journey wept for 40minutes.My weeping is just not to feel sorry for myself or something, you know the way some people break things in anger or hit people, well mine is weeping.

The ladies beside me overheard the conersation (as it consisted of shouting on their part anyway) and tried to console. Not to create a scene, I stopped weeping and got to Abuja. Finally saw my friend, at her largest she is a size 12, (american size 8) but is now between a british size 6 and 8 (is that size 4 and 2?) a shadow of herself. She was happy to see me even though I had not much to offer.

The whole incident with my parents made me feel terrible, again like I am an embarrasment to the family. A 23yr old came in to introduce her intended and at first i didnt want to join, why? first my dad will expect me to degwe for children but more importantly my dad might let it slip that i REFUSE to marry when younger girls are getting marrried so this child should come and let me know how she picked her man. etc etc.

Some other things happened in Abuja, i.e my friend, noticing how sad i was, then using what i had confided in him over the span of 13years to call me unpprintable descriptions..Thats a yarn for another day.

I still feel bad and wish i hadnt come (imagine its not even 2 weeks yet) I had no where to turn to hence i blogged. This isnt a pity party just an expression of my thoughts and iwill disable comments to prove that fact.. I feel so low right now, i am barely existing, My theory is God brought us all to give joy to our parents shouldnt God take those of us who have now suddenly become ostracised or like a pariah for being single? I mean take us away for not being the joy we were meant to be to out parents? Please He is fair, he should do this, pleaseee, living like this will be the slow but sure death of people like me..

Note that I never had this feeling i mean NEVER EVER felt this way in London, No one told Cameron that at his age he is just having little kids nor told defined Obama by bus inabilities to have boys, Condoleeza Rice and Oprah Winfrey etc were not considered damnable to hades beacause they never got married nor had kids.Yet their charitable works have far more impact on children they could never have had in their biological time.. Ann-Widdecombe had a marvellous career in Politics and was not disprespected not disallowed tpo participate because she was single without child.

In these countries you were addressd politely no matter who you were and your achievements were celebrated no matter what your marital status is.

I gather now that it is a sin damnable to hell to be single at a matured age in barbaric Nigeria and I desperately want out of this..this is not living, this is mere exisiting

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Olori you see in the photo is DEAD and the silence is deafening.What further proof does one need BARBARIC NIGERIA LARGELY HAS NO VALUE FOR WOMEN

Couple in happier times

How it began

THE rich Yoruba tradition and customs were thrown to the winds on Sunday evening as the Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina, engaged in a free-for-all with one of his oloris (queen) on the street of the town.

The monarch left the palace in company with the last olori, Remi Abiola, and an Akure High Chief to engage his second olori, Bolanle, in a free-for-all on Hospital Road, Akure.

The monarch, in the bid to engage his wife in fisticuffs, stripped himself half-naked and prepared himself for the battle.

The Pathfinder Jeep in which the Deji was driven marked “Deji of Akure” was damaged by irate youths that mobbed him and he was whisked away by a team of policemen in one of their patrol vehicles.

The monarch, in an attempt to escape being dealt with by the people of the area, fell into the drainage along the road and his cap fell off from his head.

After the confrontation, which lasted about three hours, Olori Bolanle was admitted at the state Specialist Hospital, Akure, as she was seriously wounded.

It was gathered that trouble started at about 5.30 p.m. on Sunday when the monarch, along with Remi, stormed the residence of the second olori located on 141, Hospital Road, Akure, in the Jeep and a Toyota Starlet, marked Ondo AL 963AKR.

Immediately they alighted from the vehicle that brought them and on sighting them, Olori Bolanle went into her room and asked the people around to tell them she was not around.

But when they could not see her, the monarch was alleged to have ordered the youth that accompanied him to burn down the building.

Nigerian Tribune further learnt that it was at this stage that Bolanle surfaced from her room to challenge the people on the reason they invaded her residence.

Her emergence aggravated the situation as Oba Adesina was said to have ordered that hot ashes believed to have been mixed be poured on her.

One of the women at the scene who attempted to shield the Olori was said to have been burnt as the skin on her arms peeled off immediately the ashes touched her body.

While this was going on, the Olori who came along with Adesina was alleged to have smashed a big plank on the back of Bolanle following which the two engaged in a fight.

However, the younger brother of the attacked Olori and the youth of the area mobilised against what they perceived as injustice to Olori Bolanle and mobbed the monarch and his entourage.

When it was obvious that the youth wanted to lynch Adesina and that he could not escape without being beaten or molested, the Officer-in-Charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was contacted and he sent his men to the scene.

The monarch’s vehicle was damaged and blocked with another Xterra Jeep belonging to Olori Bolanle, hence the monarch escaped in the police patrol vehicle.

It was, however, learnt that the monarch and the attacked Olori had been at loggerheads for sometime, a development that made the Olori to pack out of the palace and relocated to her parents’ home.(This picture depicts the amountbof physical abuse she eceived outwardly, of course the internal injuries cannot be displayed at this moment) ->

Oba Adesina was said to have invaded Olori Bolanle’s residence to retrieve the property he bought for her, including the Xterra Jeep.

Speaking with newsmen on her sick bed, Bolanle said it was Oba Adesina that led his palace chiefs and some hoodlums to attack her in her residence.

She said she was seriously beaten while an unknown substance was poured on her.

She said she would institute a legal action against the monarch over the invasion of her house and the injuries inflicted on her.

Several attempts to speak with the monarch were not successful as his mobile phones were switched off.

He could equally not be seen at the palace as he was said not to be around at press time.

Source: Written by Yinka Oladoyinbo, Akure Tuesday, 01 June 2010 Clearly last year

And he was deposed: More details emerged that: he Ondo State Government on Thursday deposed the Deji of Akure, Oba Oluwadare Adesina, “with immediate effect.”

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Olusegun Mimiko, Mr. Kolawole Olabisi, said the decision was reached at a meeting of the State Executive Council presided in Akure.

The statement said the government subsequently directed Akure kingmakers and the Akure South Local Government to immediately commence the process leading to the emergence and installation of a new Deji of Akure.

Adesina had, on May 30, 2010, allegedly invaded no 141 Hospital Road, Akure, in company with Olori Remi Abiola- Adesina and assaulted his estranged wife, Olori Bolanle . In the course of the attack, Bolanle sustained serious injuries.

The statement also said that in order to forestall the breakdown of law and order in the state capital, the deposed monarch had been banished and ordered not to step into Akure for a period of six months “in the first instance.”

The statement did not, however, say where the dethroned Oba was banished to.

It explained that the decision was based “on the provisions of Section 17 (1) and (2) of the Chiefs law 1984 as amended, that vested the State Executive Council with the powers to suspend or depose any chief if it considers such suspension or deposition to be reasonably justifiable.”

The statement said the government had taken note of “the outrage, protest and condemnation that greeted Oba Adesina’s conduct as demonstrated by the protest embarked upon by the National Council of Women Societies, the Federation of Women lawyers, among others.

It added that on May 30, 2010, Adesina “conducted himself in the most dishonourable, condemnable and disgraceful manner and has by that conduct brought the institution of Obaship and the stool of Deji to disrepute and public odium and his various acts are against public order, public safety/ public morality and not in accordance with the customs, tradition and public order and morality.”

It stated that various reports of security agencies in the state found the monarch culpable, adding that Adesina’s response to the query issued to him by the state Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs on June 3, 2010 was “completely unsatisfactory as his conduct was unbecoming and has eroded the sanctity, dignity and respect of the stool of Deji of Akureland.”

Deji's Right of reply: The deposed and banished traditional ruler of Akure town,Ondo State,Oba Oludare Adepoju Adesina has finally broken his silence over what led to the public fight he had with his estranged wife,Bolanle. According to Adeshina, Bolanle left the palace about nine months ago because she was engaging in adultery. “I got know that she was engaging in adultery.You know as a Deji of Akure, if i don’t get to know this physically,there are traditional means” he said.

Adesina also alleged that Olori Bolanle was going to collecting money from state governors and other top government functionaries using his name as a means of getting through. This really angered him and had to take the matter up with Bolanle.The deposed Oba who is expected in court any moment from now also said the report of the fight was blown out of proportion by the press.

It would be recalled that Deji of Akure, Oba Adesina stormed the residence of his estranged wife, Bolanle with his new wife, Remi Abiola (a former wife of Bashorun MKO Abiola) and some people suspected to be hoodlums.Bolanle was reportedly manhandled by the Oba and his entouraged.Some people who thought that the traditional ruler and his entourage were too brutal on the woman came to her defense.

The Deji’s vehicle was damaged and he was manhandled.He was also said to have been manhandled to the point that his traditional beads were picked on the floor. He also reportedly poured some substances suspected to be acid on his estranged wife.

The traditional ruler was widely condemned for bringing the traditional institution to public ridicule.The Ondo State Government led by Governor Olusegun Mimiko also condemned the act of the ruler.Mimiko also deposed and banished the ruler to Owo, the home town of the estranged wife.

More developments: The estranged wife of the deposed Deji of Akure ,Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju has made passionate appeal to the Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko to reconsider the stand of the government on Adepoju removal.

Making her first public appearance at a press briefing in Akure three months after the crisis that led to her husband removal from the throne, Bolanle said that the May 30, 2010 incident at her resident which led to the crisis was blown out of proportion and urged the government to reverse its decision on the matter.

Adepoju was deposed and banished to Owo for six months on June 10 2010 over public outcry that followed the allegation of wife battering leveled against him.

She spoke in company of members of her family and those of Adepoju royal family, after series of reconciliation meeting between the two families.

According to her,her family and that of her husband have finally resolves the difference between her and Adepoju
She urged Governor Mmiko to take another look at the matter and heed the pleas of the two families by restoring Adepoju back to the throne.

Bolanle also disclosed that Adepoju has withdraw the controversial statement which disowned her children as members of the royal family
She added that series of meeting of heads of the two families have been held in Akure and Owo , her home town to resolved the matrimonial differences

'I am appealing to all the traditional rulers in Ondo state and the people of Akure in appealing to the state government to kindly rescind its decision on my husband" Bolanle said.

She also appealed to the wives of traditional rulers in the state to join her appeal to the Akure Kingmakers s, eminent personalities, youths and all well meaning citzen of Akure at home and in the Diaspora

The head of Adepoju family, Chief Sunday Adepoju at the briefing also confirmed that the differences between Bolanle and the deposed Deji have been resolved.

He affirmed that Bolanle remains Adepoju Olori and that all that led to the crisis had been put behind by the two families.

Chief Adepoju , therefore urged the state government to reconsider its decision on the matter

And then she lost her life: Olori Bolanle Adepoju Adesina, the brutalized second wife of the deposed Deji of Akure, Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju, has died. Mrs. Adesina was the victim in a brutal domestic violence episode that shook the Nigerian nation and led to the Ondo state government to depose the Akure king.

Family sources told SaharaReporters that she died of 'cardiac arrest' at a private hospital in Maryland area of Lagos. Her corpse has since been deposited at a morgue in Akure.

In May, 2010, the deposed Oba Adepoju mercilessly attacked Mrs. Adesina at her residence at 141 Hospital Road, Akure. After beating her to a pulp, the then traditional ruler poured an unknown substance on her skin. He then ordered his guards to whip his estranged wife, standing unconcerned as her skin peeled off.

Olori Bolanle is survived by two sons.

I am no doctor, but Cardiac arrest can be caused by a number of medical conditions one of which is aggravation from highly pressurised standard of living and misuse of orthodox or unorthodox medicines to seek relief from such aggravarion..correct me if I am wrong..thanks..

My thoughts:...Is there any justice at all to Nigerian women in these situations??? is bearing mrs xxx more important than being with your children? Does the worth of a Nigerian woman start and end in her ability to bear kids, submit her salary (if earning) to her hubby, accept slaps, beatings and stabbings? after which she is discarded? Please lets not even mention does who are *allegedly* so cursed as not to be married....I am really taken aback.

Sources: Punchonline Sahara online Tribune Online

Monday 11 July 2011

Just to re-emphasise what Pastor Akolade Arowolo, 30,had this to say as his response. ( Disclaimer: Disturbing images are contained in this note)

THIS IS A TRUE LIFE STORY! I AM GUTTED. Wrote about this here and here
Sorry I cannot read and keep silent for the fear of hurting people's sensibilities. I wrote about it last year yes, but this madness has to be blogged about till som

If I tell you that I can fully grasps what happened that day then I will be lying, but that day my wife was not the Titi I knew, she was possessed by a demon, she became stronger and wild and she stabbed me on my left hand, before I could stop her, she went on to stab me in the stomach, and all over my chest and when I tried to wrestle the knife from her I ended up being slashed on my right palm; as I was trying to get help, my wife had gone on to stab herself several times; unfortunately, she is dead and cannot talk about the incident.”

Mr Arowolo narrated how the murder incident took place. “That day was my birthday and she was on leave, she told me that we should celebrate it but I said we should have a low key birthday, just three of us, my wife started quarrelling saying that she was tired of the marriage that one of her aunties called aunty Olabisi is pressurising her to leave me; I started begging her not to leave me that day but she insisted she must leave that day; I even called a neighbour, an elderly woman to beg her; after a lot of persuasion, she went into the bedroom and as I was entering the room to see her, she jumped on me with a knife and stabbed me on the left hand, I shouted saying ‘what is the meaning of this?’ She told me that since I didn’t want her to leave, she would kill me and kill herself; I pushed her to the bed trying to wrestle the knife from her and she came back on me stronger like one possessed with a demon, she stabbed me in my stomach and slashed my wrist, she went on to stab me all over my chest before killing herself. Unknown to me, my wife had locked all the doors, and I had to jump from the building to get help, I was the one who reported the incident to the police at Ejigbo, I didn’t run away as speculated.
I loved my wife, the truth is that my wife and I quarrelled a lot and the marriage was hell, I would have divorced her but the Bible passage that says that God hates divorce kept stopping me and I also thought of my daughter; if I had known, I would have divorced her a long time ago, maybe I would not be in this mess today, my advice to young men is that they should hold on to God, they should not allow any lady or family pressure to lure them into a marriage with pregnancy and they should divorce their wives if they have irreconcilable differences in their marriages and then ask God for forgiveness; it is better that way than ending in this mess as I am, I have learnt my lessons the hard way and I know God will vindicate me, because I did not kill my wife.”

Comments by Pastor A Arowolo

Credit: Louisa Emmanuel

Thursday 7 July 2011


THIS IS A TRUE LIFE STORY! I AM GUTTED.Will just allow you read and judge, if you are new to all I wrote about violience and then this case here and here and here

Titi was possessed by demons in high places; that's why I killed her - Redeemed Pastor A. Arowolo who killed his wife in June
by Kaanayo Nwachukwu on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 4:10pm
Akolade Arowolo, 30, a murder suspect wants young men to learn from his incarceration. Mr Arowolo a businessman is in police custody for allegedly killing his wife, Titilayo, on June 24th at their residence at No 8, Akindeinde Street, Isolo. Mr Arowolo, however, denied killing his wife. He said contrary to waht people think, it was his late wife that attempted to kill him that on fateful day, which also happened to be his 30th birthday.
He added that his wife’s death was “the handiwork of spiritual wickedness in high places in operation. If I tell you that I can fully grasps what happened that day then I will be lying, but that day my wife was not the Titi I knew, she was possessed by a demon, she became stronger and wild and she stabbed me on my left hand, before I could stop her, she went on to stab me in the stomach, and all over my chest and when I tried to wrestle the knife from her I ended up being slashed on my right palm; as I was trying to get help, my wife had gone on to stab herself several times; unfortunately, she is dead and cannot talk about the incident.”
A marriage doomed from the beginning
Mr Arowolo got married to the late Titi, a staff of Skye Bank, Marina branch in 2010, the marriage is blessed with a baby girl, Olamide. Unfortunately, the couple had engaged each other in various squabbles which led to her death that day. “Titi and I were just friends back in the university, I am a born again Christian and I have a calling to be a pastor, I am a staunch member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Parish, Gbagada, but my marriage has been hell.
First of all, I was dating a lady and we were planning to get married, but my wife then was just a friend and she confessed that she loved me, one thing led to the other and I ended up having premarital sex with her, she came back a few months to say that she was pregnant and she could not abort the pregnancy and her family said I must marry her, so that was how I ended up marrying her because of the pregnancy,” Mr Arowolo said.
Mr Arowolo narrated how the murder incident took place. “That day was my birthday and she was on leave, she told me that we should celebrate it but I said we should have a low key birthday, just three of us, my wife started quarrelling saying that she was tired of the marriage that one of her aunties called aunty Olabisi is pressurising her to leave me; I started begging her not to leave me that day but she insisted she must leave that day; I even called a neighbour, an elderly woman to beg her; after a lot of persuasion, she went into the bedroom and as I was entering the room to see her, she jumped on me with a knife and stabbed me on the left hand, I shouted saying ‘what is the meaning of this?’ She told me that since I didn’t want her to leave, she would kill me and kill herself; I pushed her to the bed trying to wrestle the knife from her and she came back on me stronger like one possessed with a demon, she stabbed me in my stomach and slashed my wrist, she went on to stab me all over my chest before killing herself. Unknown to me, my wife had locked all the doors, and I had to jump from the building to get help, I was the one who reported the incident to the police at Ejigbo, I didn’t run away as speculated.
I loved my wife, the truth is that my wife and I quarrelled a lot and the marriage was hell, I would have divorced her but the Bible passage that says that God hates divorce kept stopping me and I also thought of my daughter; if I had known, I would have divorced her a long time ago, maybe I would not be in this mess today, my advice to young men is that they should hold on to God, they should not allow any lady or family pressure to lure them into a marriage with pregnancy and they should divorce their wives if they have irreconcilable differences in their marriages and then ask God for forgiveness; it is better that way than ending in this mess as I am, I have learnt my lessons the hard way and I know God will vindicate me, because I did not kill my wife.”

Credit: Louisa Emmanuel

I weclome all feedbacks...oh and thannks for at the love I am responding to all the drugs only say na hard body of Eunuch or male servant (lol) for hasten the recovery from me

Tuesday 5 July 2011

RIGHT OF REPLY: " I didnt kill my wife she stabbed herself to death'


By Chiemelie Ezeobi

Eleven days after, Mr. Kolade Arowolo, who was suspected to have killed his wife, Titilayo, a banker with Skye Bank, Marina Branch, Monday denied stabbing and killing the deceased.

He said contrary to public opinion, the deceased stabbed herself to death.

The suspect was said to have killed his 29-year-old wife in cold blood at their No. 8 Akindehinde Street, Isolo, a suburb of Lagos, on Saturday, June 24.

According to him, he had been having serious issues with the deceased over their marriage before that fateful day that she ended up killing herself, after stabbing him too.

Recalling what transpired between them that day, Arowolo said the deceased was acting under the influence of demons that took over her body and turned her into another person entirely.

He said: “The woman was possessed that day and while we were quarreling, she went into the kitchen and brought out a knife with which she overpowered me and then began to stab me all over my body and head.

“The next thing I saw, she started stabbing herself repeatedly with the knife while telling me that she was tired of the marriage and that since I did not want to let her go, she will kill me and then kill herself.”

According to him, “We have been having issues since the day we got married so much so that I have contemplated divorcing her but because I am a spiritual person and church I pastor, I decided to manage.

“I am now regretting that decision because I should have been bold enough to divorce her and then face the consequences instead of this mess I have found myself.”

He went on to say that he never had plans to marry her as he had a lady he was dating but got lured into her web with the pregnancy she said he was responsible, adding that he only agreed to marry her when the pressure from her family became too much from him to bear.

Urging young men not to allow family pressure to push them into unwanted relationships, he advised them to be bold enough to stop any relationship that was not moving well before it culminates into marriage.

He declared as false, stories that he was probably frustrated because of his unemployment status, stating categorically that never at any time was he ever unemployed even when he left his accounting job.

He stated that even though he was not on any white collar job anymore, he had veered into a business where he deals with exporting cashew nuts to other countries.

Also tackling the issue of the deceased paying the house rent, Arowolo said that when they got married, the first house rent that was paid was solely with his money while admitting that the deceased supported him in the payment of subsequent ones.

When asked why the press was not allowed access to him since the incident, the suspect said that he was critically ill from the knife stabs from the deceased, stressing that he only became conscious last weekend.

Lamenting that stories claimed he ran from police men who met him in the blood soaked car, the suspect said after the deceased killed herself, he jumped down from the storey building and ran to his family members to report himself.

He said he was taken to Ejigbo Police Station where he was later moved to Aswani Police Station before he finally landed at the State Criminal and Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba.


Thats his version

Sisi went to Ascot and made the daily sky diving--enjoy!!

Hi, still no back to full blogging but this was o special request...Sisi apparently made the daily mail Disclaimer: I have left my opinions aside as this makes her happy...Hope you enjoy the pictures....

She also went skydiving too.....

Her words:
I loved my skydive the first tome around so much that I'm jumping again but this time for charity. if you'd like to give money towards the make a wish foundation to grant a terminally ill child their last wish. tell Mena and she will send you info on how to make a donation....



Sunday 3 July 2011

And even more on violence with a different slant- Not for the fainthearted abeg

Hi all#

I appreciateall of you especiallly those thatreplywithout me doingthe blogrounds, fact is havefeverish symptoms, can hardly see properly, stand for long or recall simple things..So I cantread it alll, but will resume with vengeance. please forgive me.

Feverish symptoms aside, i was sent this story on my pnone and my lord this story chilled me to the bones...I am too ill to write on it but I am copying it word for word..Such a pathetic story just had to share.

Rape and the stillbirth of my unborn book
by Awitty Person on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 2:35pm
We are at war!...and just like in earlier wars, rape is being used as a weapon, a social leveler, to humiliate the enemy, undermine our morale and instill fear into the populace. In this war is pitched, on one side…the hunted, `me and you', and on the other side…the hunters, `they', who believe that `me and you' have deprived `they' of their rightful place in society. It goes without saying that `me and you' are considered the enemy, our conspicuous consumption, `Home & Garden' type picturesque homes, and luxury SUVs, the very evidence to prove to `they' that we are guilty as charged.

`They' seem to have instinctively learnt that `to the victor goes the spoils' has been a masculine war cry for centuries and that women have been classed as part of the spoils of war. So `they' raid our homes, not just to `reclaim' valuables they consider to be theirs in the first instance but to impose the final expression of masculine domination…sexual humiliation. This humiliation, this subjugation of our last bastion, includes gang rape, gay rape (yes! rape of men by men), anal rape and rape with an array of objects such as sticks, machetes, clubs and gun barrels.

When there is a violent crime in Port Harcourt involving armed men as antagonists and women as victims, 95 out of 100 times, rape occurs. An emerging and equally disturbing trend is gay rape, where, as the ultimate humiliation and sign of masculine domination, male victims are routinely raped by the male invaders, oftentimes in the presence of their family members and loved ones, before the very people who consider them as the alpha male, the family's pole authority. The perpetuators' egos are buoyed by their victim's feelings of fear, pain, helplessness, and desperation. The objective to inflict long-term psychological feelings of helplessness, depression, anxiety disorders, multiple somatic symptoms, flashbacks, difficulty re-establishing intimate relationships, shame, and persistent fears. In essence, force the victim to face the psychological feelings troubling the antagonist, in this case, using rape as a veritable social leveler.

So when next you hear that armed robbers visited your neighbor's house and spent 4 hours robbing their victims, especially when women live in the house. Ask yourself how long it should take a group of men to ransack a three, four or even eight bedroom apartment….What do you think they were doing in the interlude? More often than not the invaders spent the time serially raping their victims in a metonymic celebration of their territorial acquisition.

Before you ask, `Which one be my own sef?', it may interest you to know that there is a deeply troubling personal angle to this tirade of mine, a chain of events that has left `macho me' more scarred than I ever thought I could be.

On a Monday morning sometime in 2008 my wife received a distress call from her head office located in GRA Phase II Port Harcourt (a relatively highbrow neighborhood). The office (my wife owns a food business) had been burgled overnight! Sited behind the restaurant and office block is a residential building where some of her staff reside. The bandits, numbering over 20, gained access to the office block around 1 a.m. in the morning, bound and gagged the male staff and security men, broke into my wife's office, headed straight for where she left her un-evacuated weekend sales (they had a clear idea where to go) and helped her evacuate the cash. They then proceeded to the restaurant and offloaded the fridges of all alcoholic beverages. Armed with the looted drinks they trooped to the residential building where three of the female staff (one of who was due to commence her National youth service that month) lay sleeping, forced them awake and proceeded on a five-hour-long orgy (all twenty of them!) that included gang rape, anal rape and at some point (when one of the girls resisted anal rape) threateningly sliding the tip of a machete blade into her virgina in an unspoken threat to slice her open if she resisted any further.

On receiving the distress call on the aforementioned day, my wife and I immediately bundled the girls to my family doctor, Dr. Okey Ibeabuchi of Palmers' Hospital, who upon administering first aid advised that we take them to a clinic run by Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF, aka Doctors Across Borders) in Teme, Mile 1, Port Harcourt. Unknown to me at the time, MSF has a robust rape clinic (from where they offer free Medicare) in Port Harcourt, complete with trauma counseling, post–contact HIV prophylactic treatment, VD / STD treatment etc. We took the girls there, they were treated and counseled and the rest, like they say is history.

Several unanswered questions nagged me at the time. Why does MSF need to run a rape clinic in Port Harcourt? Was the rape of my wife's staff simply an isolated incident or was the presence of a specialist rape clinic evidence of a wide spread problem? Those who know my inquisitive and adventurous nature will then understand the genesis of my odyssey into the world of rape in Port Harcourt. I had previously done extensive work / research on HIV/AIDS associated social stigmatization, human trafficking (especially in women and children) and abuse of women. Rape, I thought, will be a walk in the park…Well suffice it to say that I have never been more wrong in my life!

What I unearthed in the cause of my research has left me deeply and permanently traumatized! The proposed collection of short stories to be titled `Please Don't' Tell My Husband and other Stories' has become too traumatic to write, no matter how much I try to distance the artiste in me from the victims' trauma. It appeared that the human angels in MSF had identified and deployed considerable resources to what has, unknown to most of the city's residents, become a widespread and systematic local practice.

From the victims in denial; like the very beautiful Port Harcourt `big girl' who claimed that though the invaders serially raped her security man's scrawny looking sister (who happened to be visiting at the time), they did not as much as lay a finger on her smoking-hot-sexy-voluptuous-body during their 4 hour sojourn in her house; to the distraught wife who revealed that she accidently found out that the reason for her husband's recent strange behavior was because he and some of his male colleagues were raped when their work-barge was invaded by hoodlums; or the acquaintance, who was probably raped along with her siblings, who refused to say much because the burden was too much and the horrendous secret was not soley hers to keep or divulge; or the psychological destroyed father whose daughters (aged 13 and 15) where raped by invaders one month after he moved into his new Abuloma, Port Harcourt home and…wait for this!…re-raped one month later by the same bandits, who apparently returned to re-enact the good time they had in the course of their previous sojourn.

I can go on and on…each narrative a bookmarked, unique story from the bowels of Armageddon.

The final nail to the unborn book's coffin occurred in August of last year. I received yet another early morning call from a very close friend of mine, someone who had overtime become one of those rare special friends that are part of your daily existence. Bandits had also invaded her house around 1 a.m. in the morning, spent about 4 hours, and within the period raped three women. I almost went berserk! Again, I found myself calling Dr. Okey, who advised that we take the victims straight to Teme Clinic. In this instance too the secret wasn't solely her's to keep, so I found myself nerve wrackingly guessing as to the extent of the trauma. The best I could do was to ensure that I remained as emotionally and physically available as possible to provide any required psychological or material support.

So my people, this is the Port Harcourt we have found ourselves in today. A society where the culture of hard work, genuine success is threatened by those whose objective and active pastime is to identify the society's `big boys and girls' and systematically humiliate and psychologically subjugate them. A society where women are routinely kidnapped, ostensibly for ransom, only to be used as `comfort women', serially raped by their captors. A society where, unfortunately, just like in the case of HIV/AIDS, a culture of silence and a network of social stigma aggravates the problem, made further worse by institutional humiliation and intimidation of victims (in some cases by law enforcement agents), as well as the `embarrassment' of public acknowledgement.

My research revealed that in our society rape survivors are stigmatized and ostracized by those who consider rape as bringing dishonor to a woman's family. The husband of a rape victim is considered shamed while male rape victims will rather die than admit that such an event took place. This culture of silence reinforces the stigma already attached to the victim rather than to the perpetrator and emboldens the perpetuators to continue with the act.

According to the UNICEF rape is common in countries affected by wars and natural disasters, drawing a link between the occurrence of sexual violence and significant uprooting of a society and the crumbling of social norms. There is an ongoing war in Port Harcourt, a war between `they' and `me and you'! Our social norms have not just crumbled but have long since disappeared. The economic disasters foisted on our people are worse or at the best, on the same scale as some of the world's worse natural disasters. Pretending that a rape problem does not exist or that there is no such war, can and will only exacerbate the problem.

I don't pretend that I have all the answers, neither do I have a picture perfect solution to the malady….but let us at least start to talk about the problem. Let us talk about rape in Port Harcourt!


p.s: thanks for reading through its been a burden upon my heart but thanks again..xxxx

Friday 1 July 2011



She stole a "BB" was caught, beaten & raped to a state of coma...