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Friday 12 February 2021

Men are scum'? unexpected gifts, Black is back and this and that

 Welcome :)

Forgive me if the title is confusing, I am wierd like that. I hope you are 'keeping safe' Covid came in and changed the game! May all the dearly departed rest in peace. My heart goes out to their survivors. Its truly devastating!

On black is back: Okay I am quite late, but we have a black female Vice President, as well as a black Duchess now. I will never forget the black POTUS and his family. These type of 'wins' is very necessary to change the narrative. I also appreciate the will of the Black Lives Matter movement. |All these things are important, because in like 50 years time, that young black girl and her black brother will get off the school bus, knowing that the sky is the limit.
oya enough about that

Of unexpected gifts: So I connected with an amazing woman on facebook. I dont have her permission to reveal her name just yet. But I do follow her and she is very beautiful and kind in and outside. One sweet day, I went to her page to play, we had a verbal banter that ended up with her gifting me an adult toy! This is the second time an anonymous got stuff for me. The first was a very very lovely anon man who sent me a Phil Collins CD. He has been quiet for a while, :(  I am not used to receiving gifts without strings so I kept thanking them till they got shy/embarrassed :P May God bless them and everyone around them,

and finally:

I dont know how 'men are scum' came about. Permit me to share one experience.
This was Pre-Covid though. I was invited to end of year dinner/ shindig. My little black dress was perfect for the occassion. Its similar to the photo on this blog.

It was late so I had to leave. My car decided to be dramatic and just went 'off' suddenly! Luckily there wasnt many cars on the road, But I managed to use the proper safety and precaution protocol..I tried all my tricks but car did not start, I put my head on the steering wheel to just rest, think about possible ways out of this situation and calculating the expenses verses my bank balance almost in the red.

Suddenly some random men walked towadrs me, one of them asked why I was crying ( I wasnt crying, just put my head on the steering wheel) so with my heart beating very fast, I explained the situation.
Then two cars full of men also stopped asking what the problem was?
By this time,I was terrified and scared. These men worked my car and it came alive, they further explained what was wrong with the car, that I should get a new battery, work on the kickstart and service it.

I thanked them profusely and thats how they left! There was no, 'what is your name', or exchange of cellphone numbers.'
I appreciate these kind of men. Unsung heroes who have to deal with the tag 'men are scums'

So this song, by Angie Stone, is dedicated to all those kind of men 

Have a lovely, love filled day!


Tuesday 12 January 2021

AN UNUSUAL NEW YEAR! Mario de Andrade poem and how to cope in 2021

I counted my years

And realized that I have Less time to live by, Than I have lived so far. I feel like a child who won a pack of candies: at first he ate them with pleasure But when he realized that there was little left, he began to taste them intensely. I have no time for endless meetings where the statutes, rules, procedures and internal regulations are discussed, knowing that nothing will be done. I no longer have the patience To stand absurd people who, despite their chronological age, have not grown up. My time is too short: I want the essence, my spirit is in a hurry. I do not have much candy In the package anymore. I want to live next to humans, very realistic people who know How to laugh at their mistakes, Who are not inflated by their own triumphs And who take responsibility for their actions. In this way, human dignity is defended and we live in truth and honesty. It is the essentials that make life useful. I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch the hearts of those whom hard strokes of life have learned to grow with sweet touches of the soul. Yes, I'm in a hurry. I'm in a hurry to live with the intensity that only maturity can give. I do not intend to waste any of the remaining desserts. I am sure they will be exquisite, much more than those eaten so far. My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience. We have two lives And the second begins when you realize you only have one. This poem is titled. MY SOUL HAS A HAT It was written by. Mario de Andrade (San Paolo 1893-1945) Poet, novelist, essayist and musicologist Mena says I wish you an usual, in a fantastic way, happy 2021