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Friday, 3 December 2010

Attention! For women who love Nigerian men...(on a lighter note :P)

found this hilarious take on certain groups of Nigerian men online.This is just for fun and should not be taken personally nor seriosly.I just choose to end an incredibly stressful day this way. Hope you like??

Good Qualities:

1. He is very loyal

2. He maintains monogamy

3. Could be very yielding/gullible

4. Gives you access to all his assets

5. Follows your advice and directions to the letter

6. Spends money on you for comfort, good looks and happiness

7. Takes care of your kids

Poor Qualities:

1. Could be very unromantic-Romance is limited to spending money, spending money

and spending money.

2. May be semi-literate or illiterate.

3. May marry you early and deny you of access to life/youth.

4. More likely to be crude and unrefined

5. Always has a large family to cater to and take care of plus apprentices etc

6. May not be presentable

7. May be horrible in bed and/or sexually illiterate/unwilling to explore.

8. Could be gullible/easy to deceive


Good Qualities:

1. Could be very romantic.

2. Could be caring

3. Tries to maintain leadership in the home.

4. Disciplines kids well

5. More white-collar career inclined

6. Literacy level is usually high

Poor Qualities:

1. More likely to philander

2. More likely to eventually marry another wife

3. More likely to marry you for your money/connections.

4. Could be highly assertive.

5. Most times you would take care of yourself after a while.

6. You may eventually separate with nothing to show for it.

7. Family members may be given priority.


Good Qualities:

1. Believes in marriage

2. Takes care of you and your needs.

Poor Qualities:

1. May end up not taking full care of the kids

2. Could be very harsh

3. Does not take any nonsense

4. You may end up taking care of him

5. You cant cheat on him.


Good Qualities:

1. Believes in marriage

2. Takes care of you and your children's needs.

3. Loves to give good sex

Poor Qualities:

1. Get ready to have 16 children

2. You may end up taking care of him

2. You cant cheat on him.

3. His romantic nature is very harsh and forceful

4. Very demanding in bed

5. Be sure to accommodate two more wives, girlfriends and dont employ

a pretty househelp.


Good Qualities:

1. Will effectively take care of the culinary activities in your absence.

2. Is usually very religious

3. Hardworking

4. Good in bed

5. Quite organised and clean.

Poor Qualities:

1. Be prepared to have 12 kids

2. Your cooking may not be good enough

3. He will either be very ugly or handsome, very short or tall.

It's from one extreme to another and nothing in between.

4. Prepare to have a husband years older than you and possibly in his fifties while

you're only 25 years old.


Good Qualities:

1. Hardly believes in premarital sex.

2. Very religious

3. Takes care of you

4. Usually comes FULLY EQUIPPED down under..!

Poor Qualities:

1. You may be wife number 4

2. You may be wife number 4 at 14

3. You have absolutely no say in anything, anywhere and anytime.

4. If he passes away, you may be transferred to another family member.

Hope you like??


Anonymous said...

Haba! only 2 good qualities for EDO man? no greeeeee ooooo! SO TRUE about the Yoruba man! Am married to one...*grin*

Latika Mishra said...

i am latika and i like acquainting myself with new things... u are invited to follow my blog... :)

me said...

Totally disagree! As a Yoruba boy I am outraged! Litracy "usually" high - My level of English is perfect - nah wah oh!