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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mena's mental meanderings on current news headlines ( all play on words fully intended,.ha ha)

Happy saturday to you!

So I am going through a few news websites and typing this blog on the cuff. Lets see what stories exists, shall we?

According to Amanpour, I've just left the presidential palace in Cairo where I sat down for an exclusive 30-minute interview. He told me that he is troubled by the violence we have seen in Tahrir Square over the last few days but that his government is not responsible for it. He said he's fed up with being president and would like to leave office now, but cannot, he says, for fear that the country would sink into chaos.

There is something about tyrants in power. Not only are they usually psychopaths, they are completely out of touch with the people they claim to love and overtaken by an unbridled lust mixed with an almost messiah complex, believing they are the only ones who can do the job properly or die trying!. Take for instance the above, extremely callous, statement. He is worth a fortune estimated to be in the range of $60-80million so absolutely cannot identify with what 'his people' are clamouring for.

Tweets from Egypt revolution:

Muslims in Alexandria performin friday prayers,christians create a security cordon to protect them from thugs while they pray.

#BreakingNews: Reuters reports protesters jumping on tanks, shots fired #Jan25 #Egypt
37 seconds ago · reply

AndyMadaki Internet, BIS and SMS services cut off as protests continue in #Egypt... #RSVP

@rallaf: It's nearly midnight in the Arab world: do you know where your dictators are? #Jan25 #Egypt #SidiBouzid #Who'sNexT

sources: various tweets and whats more its still going on. Viva revolution!!

Halle's custody battle

According to Huffington post, Halle's custody battle turns ugly and racial, Halle Berry would like to thank her ex, Gabriel Aubry--for his sperm donation.

"You were only good for one thing... Thanks for the donation," she allegedly wrote in an email according to

Halle and Gabriel split last April, reportedly amicably as they worked out a temporary custody agreement for 2-year-old Nahla. Gabriel filed a paternity petition in December, and the custody battle has turned nasty with reports of Gabriel being abusive and throwing around the n-word and other vulgarities. Sources close to Halle also claim Nahla is terrified of her father and cries when he visits.

Only one thing ke? This is a relationship we are talking about? Halle never talk true!

Lindsey Lohan faces charges for jewellry theft: Lohan who just left three months of rehab, is being charged with Felony Grand Theft for allegedly stealing jewelry from a Los Angeles store last week, TMZ reports. The charges will be filed as early as Monday.

The charges come after the LAPD began to investigate video surveillance that showed her with the necklace in the store, and photos of Lohan a week later showing her wearing a necklace that looks astoundingly similar. After TMZ broke the story about her alleged theft, a Lohan friend returned the necklace to the store.

If she's guilty, Lohan could face jail time, especially since a conviction would violate the terms of her probation.

Lindsey Lohan is from a very well to do home. Yes she has faced a number of disappoinments, a number of felonies and is a recovering addict, but for one who has broken the law one too many times, it is mind boggling why she had to do this.... if indeed she did (disclaimer intact)

The here has been a lot of blog buzz in the Nigerian circles about this video, specifically the lack of Nigerian women in it. I am more perturbed by this irritating use of 'swagger' that has made its way into 'popular' Naija circles. If anyone says 'Swagger' again, I swear I will....!!!!@@!

Stella got her groove back...
According to Dimokokorkus Star actress, Stella Damasus is in a fresh romance.
This is less than a year after her short lived marriage to Emeka Nzeribe hit the rocks.
Her latest care giver is identified as Mofe Duncan.He is listed as a man about town based in Abuja. He is further tagged as into the world of production (the organisation and supervision of the making of movie, broadcast or recording…), with a sister as an Anchor person in a radio station.
Stella and Duncan are said to be very careful about making noise about the relationship. Despite this, insiders claim they have attended a couple of events under the pretext of being just friends.

Dont mean to be pedantic, but what does the length of time matter? Why should it matter that she is 'allegedly' in a 'fresh' romance, in less than a year after her previous one allegedly crashed? Time has f*@k all to do with it!

HUBBY STRIPS CAROLINE DANJUMA NAKED BEFORE DOMESTIC STAFF.Because of these allegations she has been incarcerated in her parkview home and placed
incommunicado by the hubby after being stripped naked in her matrimonial home in front of the domestic staff,but for her husbands daughter named mary,caro would have been pushed out of her supposed home in parkview.

The actress has been forbidden access to twitter,facebook and any other social network online,the only time she gets to know what is happening is only when the husbands daughter mary visits her in her mini prison .
Guepard productions/records,the company caro runs was finally closed down on the 29th
of december 2010 under ty danjumas instruction

This is alarming if its true. Cheating is always painful but the fact is you cannot control another, the best you can do is try to reconcile or else divorce the guilty party. Going as far as imprisonment is ..quite frankly..breaking the law! That said I take it with a pinch of salt, at least for now.

False rape charges
Temitope Adenugba, 24, found guilty of fake rape charges against Ogunmola Ogukola, cleaner Mr Ogunmola said she had destroyed ‘my reputation, my confidence and my life.She did it – so she could get an extension on her university coursework.

This was a very cruel and selfish thing to do! What kind of woman is she to make that kind of statement in the first place, just for an extension? What if she got away with it, can she live with herself?
Because these sort of accusation sticks and many men have had their lives ruined as a result.

Take the case of Fadayomi, who was falsely accused of rape but luckily was cleared! The judge revealed how 18 months earlier the same woman had made an allegation of rape.He said the case never reached court because it was 'lacking in credibility', but the accused man committed suicide 'when facing that allegation'.
After failing to have this first 'rapist' brought to court, the woman set about framing Mr Fadayomi, a stranger she met in a nightclub.
The woman claimed Mr Fadayomi attacked her in a house he shared in Walkley, Sheffield.
But a friend, who was with her that evening, told the court the woman danced and kissed Mr Fadayomi, boasting: 'I'm going to have his body tonight.'

The woman later told her friend she planned to accuse the student of rape, saying: 'He is not going to get away with it, I've got evidence this time.'

Mr Fadayomi told the jury the woman had agreed to sex. He said: 'She never told me to stop and neither did she resist.'

The student, from Nigeria, was doing a biomedical sciences course at the University of East London, but the incident happened in October when he went to Sheffield to do a ten-week music production course during a study break.

After the case Mr Fadayomi recalled how the woman propositioned him by telling him she liked his 'perfume' and that 'she wouldn't mind having me that night'.

They later returned to his house, where they had sex. Mr Fadayomi then gave her £8 for a taxi and she left. He said he went out to buy food at 6am and police were waiting for him on his return.

Mr Fadayomi said of his ordeal: 'My life has been hell for the last seven months. I thought about taking my own life.

'I've not been able to sleep properly since all this happened. Some of my friends shunned me and my parents in Nigeria were heartbroken and scared of what might happen to me.'

Naheed Hussain, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS South Yorkshire, last night defended the decision to bring the case but said he would conduct a review following the judge's comments 'to see if any lessons can be learned'.

He said: 'The decision to prosecute was taken by a senior lawyer. We were satisfied there was sufficient evidence not only from the complainant but from another witness whose evidence supported that of the complainant.'

The law allows defendants accused of rape to be named, but the government intends to introduce anonymity for alleged rapists until conviction.

WELL WHY SHOULD SHE BE ALLOWED HER ANONYMITY when these men lives have been destroyed, because just like pedophile charges, rape charges are hard to erase even when found not guilty of the offence...just as Micheal Jackson..

I pray for those falsely accused to find justice as this man did, who knows how many men are paying for 'rape crimes' they did not commit?

Bangladeshi girl whipped too death after being raped by cousin

The High Court yesterday ordered district officials in Shariatpur to explain why they failed to protect 14-year-old rape victim Hena from being whipped to death as per a fatwa on Monday.The reports said Hena was raped by her 40-year-old relative Mahbub on Sunday. Next day, a fatwa was announced at a village arbitration that she must be given 100 lashes. She fell unconscious after nearly 80 lashes.

Fatally injured Hena was rushed to Naria health complex where she succumbed to her injuries

I cry in frustration when I read such tales, like literally tears fall on to the keyboards. WHAT A LIFE, so she was raped at 14 and was still beaten to death? What kind of society will allow this kind of 'culture' thrive??? When I speak about how women are being treated, I am immediately labelled as a feminist..only in the Nigerian sense of the word feminist= man hater. Rivetting! I wish those that label me, can kindly rationalise this extremely devilish act! I mean why will you beat up any woman, let alone a 14year old teenager. And you flogged her till she died? How archaic and inhuman, how intolerant and barbaric. What kind of morons are these people? Why are they frightened of the sexuality of women that they try to control it or else destroy it? What is with the perverted sexual obsession with very young girls?

On the plus side, their law seems to be taken the right steps, for instance Following three writ petitions, the court directed the authorities concerned to take punitive action against people involved in enforcing fatwa against women.

It also observed that infliction of brutal punishment including caning, whipping and beating at local salish [arbitration] by persons devoid of judicial authority constitutes violation of the constitutional rights. Meanwhile, another HC bench yesterday directed the law enforcement agencies to submit a report to it within three weeks on what steps have been taken following this incident in the light of its judgement on extra-judicial punishment.

What a life! I guess that will suffice for the rape and brutal killing of a 14yr old teenage. I have to stop here before I get uncivil with my disgust


Ibhade {NG} said...

I am pissed off like you! i mean......j-e-ezz!...urghhhhhhhhh

T.Notes said...

1st off,ooooh i got too much swagger,i go give you swagger, swagger swagger ching ka-ching!!Forget the razz factor,the song rocks+it cracks me up everytime i see that vid!lol!

As per fatwa or whatever they choose to call don't want me swearing all over your commentaries right?! &*^$$ The bunch of ignorant backward heartless spineless a%%es!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Ibhade: :(

@ T. Notes: Just say swagger one more time.
But I agree the music was nice.

I couldnt agree more with your sentiments on fatwa!!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for this news roll call, that last one was so outrageous! Yes I'm a feminist and I'll never hide it. WTF! May that girl's soul rest in peace.

And the Caroline story, are you serious? Na wa o, doesn't she have her own family to intervene?

As for Lindsay Lohan, her case is still far. She needs more rehab it seems like. I pity that girl sha.

Omena Ak said...

Swagger means confidence in ones gait, dress, speech etc, but what Dorothy has an issue with here (and I do as well) is the ease at which people inject the word into their daily conversation. It makes one think that they could not for a new word to emerge so that they could have a field day with it. The funny thing is that it is happening all over the world. Everywhere you go it is swagger this, swagger that. Yes Dorothy may have some swagger, but thankfully she is 'confident' enough not to use the word in her daily conversations. Regarding Lindsay Lohan, I have always thought she is a lost cause, how much rehab will she have to attend? For a girl who is from a wealthy family, it really is sad.

I was quite surprised to read about the woman who was being kept under house arrest by her husband. I find it hard to believe that some Nigerian men still think they own their wives/girlfriends. While i do not support infidelity, i think that they could have tried to sort things out, and if the damage was irrepairable, go their seperate ways.

T.Notes said...

My blog or yours,same message resounds!:

See this Chic(pronounced as in Francias chic!),so you also did the Finance/Investments grind!You promptly need to be on my off-blogger contacts!Networking is key!...and oh well,i'll briefly put aside my sworn enmity to you!

Can't find your email link,so drop me a PM:

Nutty J. said...

What they did to that girl was wicked and disgusting and none of them will go unpunished on earth by physical laws...

henry said...

After 30 years in power,anyone would suffer from a messiah complex.Dictators forget that if there are no worthy successors,it is because if they have groomed none.
The serial "rape-alleger" will get her comeuppance,one-day one-day.People like her make life difficult for those women with genuine grievances.
Any culture that recommends punishment for a fourteen year-old rape victim,needs to take a second look at itself
I blog *

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Myne: lol, you are married, so its cool for you to be a When its a single woman like me, its interpreted as something else. :P

As for caroline, who knows if its true? One thing for sure, the rich and famous seem to live by different rules from the rest of us, so if perchance he is guilty, he will get away with it.

Lindsay: very long thing! Perhaps all she needs is just a hug, a selfless warm, long hug!

Thanks Mine

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Omena: thank you

@ Tnotes: long time and thanks

@ Nutty Jay: Amen!

@ Henry: well said. Will visit as usual :)