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Thursday, 20 June 2013

SHE BARES HER BREASTS IN THE RIVER ONCE A MONTH + other secret things you may not know about LEGEND KOLA BOOF

I have a much better grasp of this outspoken woman from the first time I posted about her (See )as I have now read more on her work, and philosophy. But to recap: Egyptian-Sudanese-American novelist and poet Kola Boof has been an agent for Sudan’s SPLA and was the National Chairwoman of the U.S. Branch of the Sudanese Sensitization Peace Project.

Kola once said:
" I don't deny that I'm a controversial, provocative public figure. I reject all man-made religions, be it Christianity, Islam, the Jewish faith, Buddhism or any worship that was created by men. I am a womanist and an African mother. I bare my breasts in the river once a month and I believe in the womb. "

She once famously said: ...Thirty years of rap stars, Black, White and Latino have singled out the Black man’s mother as “an innately born gold digger” and “nagging shrew” unworthy of love or respect as a woman. The message on nearly every single CD is that Bitches and Ho’s (which is how the Black Man’s mother is openly referenced on the public radio or at cookouts in the back yards of Black households in the United States) are to be used as sex mules; suitable for freaky sex, preferably discarded afterward and routinely impregnated...Everybody’s been in Kim Kardashian’s mouth. Just as Ray J. stated in a recent television interview, that’s her claim to fame. And Kim Kardashian’s men, Black as they want to be, have to be rich enough to afford her—yet there’s no song on Black American radio that disses and degrades her. To the contrary, she’s written about as though we’ve been descended upon by Elizabeth Taylor.

O.J. Simpson’s famously dead wife, Nicole, was an uneducated “waitress” that he purchased Breast Implants for—then married and put in a five million dollar mansion. But there was never any song castigating her for being a skank and gold digger. Jennifer Lopez rose from a Solid Gold dancer and got all her breaks in life by sleeping with successful Black men who could further her career (Keenan Ivory Wayans, Sean Puffy Combs)…at which point…she took her “stardom created by the Black Community” over to White man Ben Affleck, then to her Puerto Rican husband’s bed; mission accomplished! Kimmora Lee Simmons, a rather pretentious phoney that I “viciously” slapped in the mouth several years ago—supposedly because I’m jealous and bitter about her Cabbage-Patch Face; Bread Box Shaped Body and don’t forget—her spectacularly flat ass, girdle-controlled tummy and butt pad supported photo shopped Ebony magazine layouts—started her gold digging in the African-American community, where she knew her failed Chinese model status would command top dollar. No Black officials greeted her with the words “skank” and no rappers berated her skin complexion or accused her of being a gold digger—as they did the singer Usher’s dark skinned self-employed Black millionaire wife.

Kimmora married Black hip hop Tycoon Russell Simmons, declared herself a “black woman” (as anyone in America can do at will; the Black Americans are ex-slaves and have no standards) and eventually launched a clothing line using Russell’s money he made off the Black Community (purporting this to be a “talent” in Essence Magazine); then after being dumped by Simmons for a more exotic even less Black-looking bombshell; tacked herself onto Djimon Hounsou (who, of course, I’m jealous that she stole from me; sarcasm intended). For this new gig, Kimmora had a baby despite the fact he wasn’t about to marry her—and, in my opinion anyway, dutifully produced the “lighter baby with good hair” as a holiday mascot for his skin-bleaching minions back in Benin, West Africa. Kimora is no more with Djimon

Of course—nobody in the “Hip Hop Culture” refers to women like Gary Coleman’s White wife or Kobe Bryant’s video hoochie turned wife—or Kobe Bryant’s “rape accusing” Blond in Colorado with the SPERM of three men on her panties—as “bitches, Ho’s or gold diggers.” Black men just don’t disrespect the White Man’s Mother like that.

A few years ago, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx had a huge hit with a song about Gold diggers. This caused, at last, a music video that focused on beautiful child-bearing age Black women—the Black Man’s mother. At the end of the song Kanye announced, “I’m going to leave you for a White Woman!” And all of Black America and the White Pop music world laughed, applauded, cheered and drove the song to #1 on the charts—despite the fact that almost none of today’s rich and famous Black men being exploited for their money are getting bilked by Black women.

It was a totally different reaction than Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall got for starring in the 1950’s gold digging blockbuster “HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE”—an all blond Hollywood celebration of beautiful women’s right to be paid “at the altar” just for being bombshells. And there’s tons of other films that cheer and celebrate the entitled White gold digger from “GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES” to Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s affectionate comedy “GOLD DIGGERS”—to all those celebrated Larry King Live and Anna Nicole Smith tabloid weddings. Amazingly, no one ever writes songs berating these types of women for marrying ugly rich men old enough to be their ancestor.

For beautiful Black women who want to be the rich man’s bombshell wife, however, it’s a whole multitude of double and triple standards. If you study songs recorded over the years by T.I., Polow da Don, Young Berg, Dr. Dre and even Jay Z…the lightness or darkness of said Black female’s skin is what these men encourage young boys to use for measuring how soon said Black Woman is to be discarded after receiving her 2-Live-Crew inspired beast fucking. On those same CDs by artists like Polow da Don, T.I., Young Berg and even early Jay Z, you’ll find songs celebrating Mixed-race Brazilian girls; the prized “Biracial” beauty; the European Hottie—but the slutty things these women do in the lyric are related with affection and not rapped about in a contemptuous hateful manner as when the subject is a “brown girl” or “Sista girl.” Even the “Red Bone” songs are no longer complimentary. High Yellow-skinned Negro women who once denied Colorism, benefitted from it and looked their noses down at Real Black Women are now beginning to get the Dark girl treatment in lieu of the White or Mexican fantasy she was always the “stand in” for in the first place. But skanky whorish gold diggers or not, the White and White-like colored women are promoted by Black men as “wife” material.

Whatever you think about me writing this commentary; I’ve already heard it.Fuck Kola Boof?? I’ve heard it all my life. Dark skinned women like me deserve to be on the bottom of the food chain and we’re just “bitter and jealous” if we dare raise issue with the double and triple standards.

It simply isn’t true.

I’ve had the most wonderful Black Man on earth love me, marry me and give me two beautiful sons (granted, he’s not American, but he’s still a Black Man). My ex-husband became a millionaire five years after we married, and we were together for ten, so no one can claim that I was a gold digger. Additionally, I’ve dated my own share of rich and famous Black Men.

More secrets about Kola Boof as she stated on her facebook page;

1. Kola Boof was asked by producers to do a screen test for the role of STORM in the original "X-MEN" movie and declined due to the required blond hair.

2. Kola Boof is the first author since Truman Capote to be regularly impersonated by drag queens.

3. Kola Boof, according to Sudan's former Vice President Hasan Al-Turabi
is the only woman to slap Osama Bin Laden...other than Osama's mother.

4. Kola Boof holds the record for the Black woman (Wendy Williams is 2nd place) most called "Ugly" by the U.S. American press. Kola Boof has been called unattractive by reporters Connie Chung, Peter Bergen & Morgan Spurlock (*None of whom have ever met Kola Boof in person)...Kola's been called ugly in rappers Wale's song "Bad Girls Club" and featured on American magazine covers as "Ugliest Woman Alive" and called ugly
by GAWKER. **This is why Kola, a former model, has a new video blog coming in the fall.

5. Kola Boof loves "old cars" and takes autos from the 50's and 60's and restores them. Most of her cars are cherried-out old cars.

Mena says: I personally admire her because she goes where no one dares to go.


Anonymous said...

Everything she sayz iz real for shizzle!

LadyNgo said...

I like her. She's a smart woman. Even with all her messiness lol. People just love to hate.

An oyibopepa that loves Nigerians said...

She seems to hate white people

Dirty Dishes said...

Hmmmmmmm I think she is really pretty. I'm gonna research on her now after reading this.

Toinlicious said...

Kola is def something.

Been a while Mena. How are you doing?

Kola Boof said...

@ an oyibopepa that loves Nigerians: I do not hate white people, I promote black Africans. 400 years of slave trade and its after effects is not a joke.

I'm so deeply disappointed in what the Black Race has become.

As an African woman, realizing how completely we have internalized White Supremacy and Arab Supremacy...I just can't help it. And I don't know how to *be happy* about our ERASURE (this 52 shades of bastardization camel shit that Black Americans espouse as something positive)...all I see is confusion and zero Unity. To me, I say we're steadily losing our authenticity and losing period.

So trust me. I understand WHY it's so hard to "appreciate" Kola Boof. I wish I could be more likeable, less observant, more "blase"...but it's hard to watch your own children commit suicide and claim that their getting Whiter or more Arab or more an improvement.

It's not an improvement. We saw The Moors self-destruct & breed out, we watched 12 year old Cleopatra enact the "intermarriage law" making it illegal for an Egyptian to marry an Egyptian ...and then Egypt fell and never rose again. Now it's White Arab with only 3 million Blacks left. So it's not improvement. It's just niggerism.

I don't know what I, as an African woman, should be telling you. Other than what I have been. We're going the wrong way & we're just like slave days---we're selling our souls and we're losing.

Aee Bonrue said...

How come when black people speak the truth about the white-black situation, they are accused of hating white folks?

I may not agree with some of Kola's methods but she speaks the truth on this issue.

Nouveau Transitionnér said...

Still just indifferent towards her.

Anonymous said...

i think she is amazing and i hope she will make out time to address that sotomayor person a black man that goes on youtube saying all sorts of derogatory things about black women while almost eulogizing the white race, he even uses the N word. that is his only topic all day, every day. absolutely disgusting.

Cleo.. said...

Dis article is hilarious. Kola boff's logic is so on point!# Fuck white!

Anonymous said...

i always thought Kola was crazy especially with the Kimora/Djimoru episode but now on a closer and critical look,i finally get her!
She's fighting her corner and deservedly so,as she knows where she's coming from. However,she needs to take it down a notch because she has to get her point across, but to do that she needs logic and pattern like this article and the one on Trayvon Martin.-Warriboi in London holidaying in North America