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Friday, 2 August 2013

SOME FAMILIAR LYRICS THIS WAY LIES..PLS *Naughty minds like mine should try and NOT read the other meaning to the photo*

True stories, Miracles, True blessings, All because of love

I've gone through the fire and I've been through the flood I've been broken into pieces seen lightnin' flashin' from above

I've run out of answers I've run out of time And I'm so confused that I'm loosin' my mind

Its gonna take a miracle to help me this time I'm traveling a road that has not one sign

But through it all I remember that He loves me And He cares and He'll never put more on me than I can bear

I'm carryin' a load that's to heavy for me Have no where to go so I'm down on my knee

I'm tryin to see the forest but there's this one tree Can't understand why I'm shakin' so deep

Now I've been sitting in the chair waiting on the phone to ring Praying up to God that someone would call me with a job opening

Cause its been so hard for me month to monthStruggling to eat but still there was no answer(no answer)

I stopped believing in his word And got so mad at himWhen somebody say Gods good I just laugh at them(oh yeah)

And in the nick of time his blessing rained on meBy his grace the phone ring a lady says were hiring
And that's when I knew

Oh something inside me telling me the morning will come (Morning will Come) Yes it will Oh sometimes its hard to face the truth so we run (We Run)

I was in the aisle of the grocery store With a pain in my chest and I'm wondering where did it come from

(I got tested)and the results came back and the doctor said I'm sorry but you got cancer

I could not believe it so I called up my mama to calm my nerve(mama)she got down on her knees (mama)she said a prayer for me

(mama) said just keep on thanking Jesus (mama)he'll give you all you need That was five years ago don't have that pain no mo

Doc says you can go home cause all your cancers gone.....

God if you care at all please don't let me fall by the wayside (Oh No)Please be my guide, would you light my path...

Take Me, Shape Me, Mold Me, Change Me, Teach Me, Fill Me, Save Me

But through it all I remember that He loves me And He cares and He'll never put more on me than I can bear

His word said he won't (I believe it) I believe it (I received It) I received it (Yes I claim it) I claim it (It's mine)

It's mine (My deliverance) It's mine (My healing) It's mine (My joy) It's mine

Have an awesome August :-)



phonesforyou said...

Lyrics are familiar but sorry Mena, I cant recall, thatsaid the words are powerful. Our lives are in God's Hands

kema said...

There can be miracles when you believe

youknowwho said...

Kirk Franklin
Rubben Studdard
R. Kelly

but you mashed it up

have a blessed August too!