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Monday, 23 September 2013


Nigerian guy wrote: Why is it that some of guys, ( know ourselves) can't render help to a girl without demanding to sleep with her?
Sometimes, there are those girls that will angrily ask us: "so unless I sleep with you, you won't help me with this small problem- are you that heartless? If it's me, I would do it for you!"
And there are those men that will give girls gifts and money and finally send that ugly, insulting and flesh business message: "when are you coming to spend the weekend with me and show me your curves and turns?"
Listen guy, my experience is that it pays better and faster to ask from day-one: "babes how much are you selling this 'your flesh?' Negotiate and enter; never accuse a girl of "after eating your money....this and that." What were you doing while she was eating it- probably hoping that the woman you can't talk to, can allow you buy her?
Anyway, here is the solution to this problem: that thing you know you can do for a guy that does not include sex, please start doing it long before asking for financial help; and why ask for money anyway? Why not for a comparative help? That way, you will not be provocatively pushing us to ask you for the favour we pretend is the only one you can offer- opening your legs from any angle. If for example, I should ask you to help make a cloth for me, or cook "your special for me" or help me prepare for work interview and in return, you ask me to help clean out your closet or fix your TV or accompany you to your office "end of year party," or lift that heavy stuff around the house, how on earth would I demand for sex in return- I dey mad?
Let us Convince each other early enough that we can really do something for each other as we craft this friendship of equals. If you ask me for money today, and you know that I am not going to ask for sex, then be prepared for the day that I will ask you for little assistance with money as well. Let us end this flesh business. But I am not going to spoil business for anybody oh: if a girl is offering herself at an agreed sum, by all means enjoy!
So, What is that thing that you can do for your male friend or acquaintance that does not include your back on the bed or your hands on the sofa? And for guys, when you render a female friend some financial help, what other thing would you expect from her other than tearing away at her pants?
(MIU, Sept. 2013).

KDL®™©2013 says: I was raised in love with love, I only know love not hate, so I tend to gravitate towards those who love with ease, cause for me, it's easy...there are those who unfortunately were not raised in love, they don't know how to love, but want to learn, you have got to learn to love them in a special way and accept, though it may not be easy, if you've experienced love, don't keep it to yourself, share, and don't share with just those that it's easy to giggle with, share with some that may frustrate you a times, share with those that might not give it back, yes it's a wonderful feeling being loved in return, everyone who has experienced love, wants that, but there is something gratifying about giving it away knowing it may not come back, love, love and love some more..


Phillip said...

Hopefully but lady and man meeting for the first time can be clear about what they want wiv no games or guesses.

Second article is interesting, but who can really do this?

YuuMmY said...

its the ideal, but reallity, ibo men caanot talk to woman without trying to touch her or get her to his address

A-9ja-Great said...

I like this.However,there's nothing wrong in doing something for someone without expecting anything in return,but very few people do that.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this.

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