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Sunday, 25 May 2014

"LOVE" LETTER TO ALL WOMEN ( This story contains extremely disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is strongly advised.)

Elliot Rodger went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, California. He is son of Peter Rodger The Hunger Games assistant director. He was raised in the movie culture of Hollywood. His writings say so much about the values he learned from movies and violent video games.

The 22-year-old wrote that “the ultimate evil behind sexuality is the human female.” He added that they “think like beasts” and “should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with.”

  In his perfect society, Rodger would be the Earth’s “divine ruler,” where he would quarantine all women in concentration camps and then starve them to death.

In his own words:

 Mena: I dont understand how sex is so overrated and so important to people that they think to such extremes....Anyway it is hollywierd, this young man was not raised right, and even as a young adult he finds it difficult to think logically!!!!



Anonymous said...

so terrible..he is obviously mentally derailed
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A-9ja-Great said...

He was a troubled kid and true,he definitely wasn't raised right.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the murders, he makes sense from what he has experienced...just think about society, about every advert and romantic book, even classic cartoons...the movie SYRUP will help you understand his point better