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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Oh Father that video, why? Its so unfair. Women and children, very young children. Some still have their thumbs in their mouth. Its so obvious that they were in no position to run away. Nigerians did this to Nigerians outside a situation of war or even a natural disaster!!

More facts are emerging: A member of the Nigerian military has confessed that they were warned about these attacks, yet they did nothing!! Some people have come out to say that the muslimhausa fulanis living in that area were sent text messages to move out, days before the event! A carefully planned massmurder!

Then I wonder why Nigerians (in Nigeria) are quiet about this abomination? Many have called for the images and videos to be deleted. WHY?? Everyone keeps hampering on revolutions so why the silence? Is it too much for all the traditional and religious leaders to come out and condemn these acts? The various 'captain of industries'? The so called celebrities (football, thespians, etc), the 'first ladies', the private or public educational establishments? No one is saying go out and kill, just lend your voice to these victims whose blood have soaked our land.

Biko, the Nigerian media made more noise about the sacking of some of the bank's CEO and those 'This day' concerts than this massacre na! What is it about our country that dulls people's conscience, humanity and sense of injustice? In the UK, heads are still rolling as a consequence of the Baby P case amongst other child abuse/murder cases. But it seems as if many Nigerians, influential or not, have recovered from this and moved on to football. It looks like that daily struggle to survive has turned us to zombies-merely existing, not living.

Then what about Africa? Are we not one ubuntu? How come African leaders are not publicy condemning these acts? Most African countries publicly offered support to the plight of Haiti, which is commendable, but why are they 'quiet' about something happening in their backyard so to speak? Are we Africans when standing up to neocolonisation/ expolitation/ racism but individual nations when atrocities are committed within our various nations?

You dont have to be overly religious to acknowledge that the killing of innocent children is an abomination and is evil in the sight of God. If you are atheist or agnostic, well, it is also evil in the sight of man. Which way Nigeria, Africa?

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