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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Why are our pastors so flambouyant?

*One of my older topics, but I recently came across an article that refreshed my memory*

Ok, in a country where there is so much hunger,no proper public health care, serious lack of security and so on, is it SO NECESSARY for some pentecostal pastors be so flambouyant? What with the designer suits, state of the art cars, several private jets..need I go on?

I once went to a (Naija) church where i was promised 24 hours emergency blessings if i drop 24000 bucks.It was actually a deeply spiritual church(name given on request)Blessing are for sale as well?

At service one day i was taken aback, after the visiting pastor scared us to death about the consequences of not giving(he said one of his members lost all his kids immediately after a service because he didnt sow that seed) he then asked those of us who could drop the 5million naira seed to get up and come for prayers(and with their cheque books)The he gave some more scary sermons and asked for those led to sow the milion naira seed, then he went lower and to 1,000.Finally he looked at those of all still seated(yours truly was amongst them!)and asked what we came to do in church!(name given on request)

And what about the schools they own, the average worshipper(say an usher) cannot afford the school fees of such schools. I had a good laugh at the irony of a pastor berating those of his members who resided in mainland Lagos, challenging them to move up to the island..banana island to be specific! The cheek of it was, 96%of his congregation, resided in the mainland!!

I absolutely love God and attending services but things are REALLY getting out of hand nowadays.
Its no wonder some people have stopped going to church!
what do y"all think? This topic will definitely draw blood.....
September 13, 2007 at 6:35am

*Like I said earlier, I wrote that 3 years ago, and it looks like things have gotten much worse!! Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? Are we so terrified of our religious leaders that we cannot speak against social anomalies?? *

@ All:Please share your honest thoughts on the following examples. (Please send a personal message, if you would prefer privacy) Now, Its painful to bring in real life crimes but I would love to get your perspectives on them. Do bear with me.

1st Scenario: As mentioned above, I went to for a service and during the announcements we were told that in order to get blessings, we should give 24,000 naira but if we were broke then we should give 2, 400. . I didnt give!! Using that example: If you find out that a person of God has deceived you (asked for your money in exchange for a healing-say-the ability to gain sight) what will you do?

2nd scenario: I read a news article about giving stolen goods to the church. A young man had obtained a large amount of money from victims. (419). He was soon arrested by an anti fraud agency. His statement indicated that he had 'given' the money to a popular church. My question is, what would you do, if you knew for sure that a religious organsation is benefitting from this theft?

3rd scenario or more like question: Do you agree or disagree with the popular opinion that the vatican estab were wrong to have covered up the paedophilia cases? Should the victims have 'changed churches', walked away' blame no one but themselves, 'left it all to God?

Phew what a long write up! Huge hugs and thanks to everyone for reading and responding, I really really appreciate this.


shannon i olson said...

I am so sorry you have come across corruption in the church, but unfortunately it is there. Jesus said there are wheat and weeds, sheep and goats and he meant within the church. The church is and always will be full of sinners, we must pray that those who belong to God, are convicted of their sin, and will hold accountable others within the church. Blessings are not for sale, they are a gift of God, grace is free, mercy is abundant and the wrath of God will hold deceivers responsible. I hope you have found a solid church that teaches the gospel rightly. May the holy God bless you today.

Mamuje said...

I dont pay any mind to any scary stories about giving in church..I just follow the doctrines of the bible and I am on my works for me. I dont sow seeds at the insistence of a pastor. I have to be moved to do that....I dont buy miracles and have stopped asking pastors to pray for me. I just join hands in prayers with my mum or someone dear and God takes care of it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Churches!!! See what those Child molesters did in decades in Churches.

Olubunmi said...

Mamuje, I feel you. It is not every time one runs to pastors for prayers. I believe that everything has its own God appointed season. A season where we need the assistance of others in prayer and a season where we ourselves communicate one on one with God. God's uttermost desire is that we communicate with him one on one.

D, I tire so. It is really sad hearing the kind of atrocities people commit in the church; its truly sad indeed. And its not the people committing the crime that get the blame or bad reputation but God who has done nothing but love us. It bBeaks my heart.

I was in a church and they started to talk about Gold, Platinum and Bronze standard, your standard depended on the amount of the money you donated. I started to weep bitterly when I heard them say this, I reckon they must have thought that the words that they said moved me and the holy spirit was at hand. They didn't realise that I was weeping bitterly that such worldly standards and blatant elitism was taking place in the name and in the house of God; in a spirit led church for that matter.

It's not enough for us to complain or stand back and do nothing. We have to take action anyway we can, whether its prayer, being the voice of reason, etc. Remember the example of Jesus at the temple.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thank you Shannon, Mamuje, anonymous and Olubunmi. Sorry am just replying, only just figured out how to!
Just added a general scenario to the post above and look forward to your replies.

@ Shannon: Amen and thank you. I was thinking maybe those religious leaders who defruad people should be held accountable?

@ Mamuje good attitude but how will you answer the three scenarios i listed above? I look forward to your reply

@ Anony: coolu temper o. Its a few fake ones that are corrupting the whole, afterall in the same vein churches have brought hope peace and joy to their host communities as well as lot of people through their various programmes

@ Bunmi: I firmly agree!

This topic attracted a lot of comments on my facebook page

Thanks again to all for sharing