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Sunday, 21 March 2010

You sure say that stew never done so..

So, after the shock earlier this month, which i must add, ruined my birthday,I have decided to pick myself up! I am thinking of exercising now, need to get all the wonderful benefits of working out. Ooops I digress..

A lot of things influenced my decision, most important of which were the love I received from my close family members. Finally agreed to go out and celebrate with my lil account and baby bro and it was a lovely experience. Including lil Accountants attempt at buying me flowers to cheer me up(awww).I firmly rejected it. Then two of my very very close friends came visting..have not laughed that hard in a looong time.

So i have decided to cheer up, put on my'face' and turn my phones back on.

Some interesting things happened last week but I shall focus on just one. This 'one' is related to cooking. I had cooked a pot of food yesterday, then literally went to bed.By the time I woke up,the pots were half empty,my siblings 'landed'. I was also greeted with exclamations on how the food tasted. That spurred me on to try that method of cooking again..with close to disasterous results!!

I love the aroma that is achieved when palm oil is bleached so thats what I was when the sauce pan containing the palmoil suddenly burst into flames. In panic i picked (the sauce pan) up and put it in the sink directly under the tap. Dumb move!! The fire spread!!

Note that I have attended a lot of fire drills and other health and safety exercises in my lifetime, yet I did the wrong thing when faced with a 'situation'.
Go figure!

So where was I,..yes..the fire spread and my mind raced to the body sleeping in one one of the bedrooms.
"Code, code, wake up!" I screamed,while trying to swing the pot round to quench the fire. No results..naturally, that was a retarded move!

In full panic mode,i threw the pot outside and kept screaming at code to get up (my plan was for us to make a run for it). Then dramatically the 'winch' fire just disappeared!! Code came down and I apologised, asking him to go back to bed

I took about an hour to calm down and another hour to gather enough courage to continue cooking..when Code woke up from his siesta, walked downstairs, threw a glance at me and then looked at a saucepan, then finally looked at his watch and observed.." That stew never done? You done dey cook am since 3 hours ago na!'


Code: 'Abeg I wan cook o'
Me: 'really? do you know how to cook? what do you want to cook' *I managed to say (still in amazement)*
Code:'I wan boil macaroni'
Me: 'Is that what you term as cooking?' *I asked in full sarcasm mode*
Code' yes na, oooo, the soup never still done?'

dumbfounded!I almost roasted his ass and he worries about the food?

LOL, Have a great week!!


muyiwa said...

just checking u out,cheers

Afrobabe said...


Kai, thank God the alarms didnt go off oh...

My experience waswhen the oil was hot I tossed in bottled dry onions...yes I was that foolish..see fireso race!!!

Awww sweetie, what happened on your birthday??

Wow, my word verification code is bless!!! Thats a good omen men...

tunde said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Nefa efa lef palm oyel on fire till it comot white smoke. That na hin combustion point. But Nne wey the soup na?