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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

MUCH ADO ABOUT AGE!! My rant today is on excuse my very direct methods, but the note tucks right into the meat of it!! :).

Beyond the talk, beyond the rhetoric, beyond what Nigerian societies will say (if you are Nigerian) beyond all social graces and bullsh&t, tell me your gut feeling about age..does it matter or not??

Here are a few illustrations to guide your thought processes..they are by no means a representative of the majority, just a select few that are known internationally (or can be googled) so their stories are true and not some made up fantasy no one can even verify :P

Ashton and Demi:
15 years difference she cant have kids naturally anymore..however they are married and even if we ignore her side of the story as she is the older and wiser person, what about ashton? he seems very very in love and has not cheated.. does age matter?

Harrison and Calista: 23 years difference, they annouced their upcoming marriage. Is Harrison in love because she is younger? Oh I forgot, she is not worthy to be loved because she cant bear children...(as some men responded to same question on my facebook page o, not my words1)

So lets move to other couples shall we..
The following age gap seems to be the perfect kind as the Nigerian men responding to my note on facebook clamoured for. Younger sexier woman who has some 'banging' in her. (No be my quote) and who can still bear children (also no be my quote).
Cheryl and Ashley: Super sexy woman and a man with more money than she can spend

They look the part of true love, plus Cheryl is younger than Ashley by 3 years and definitely can still bear children! So what happened na? Abi na because she no born..Okay next couple then

Tiger woods and wife:
Mrs Tiger is very beautiful, definitely the type of woman people like Tiger usually want (Blonde hair, blue eyed) plus she had children for him! Now Tiger woods has about 5 years in his wife. SO WHY DIDNT THE AGE GAP EQUAL TO A LONG LASTING MARRIAGE? Abi the years were too close? Oya proceed to next couple.

Mel Gibon and Oksana: Theirs seem to be the kind celebrated in the pages of Nigerian celeb magazines and blogs. You know the type, 'born in poverty Nigerian man, who suddenly made stupendous amount of money' prefer as well as 'born in povert Nigerian female teenager now a student in uni respectively; are hoping to hit before their 'best days' (26yrs tops) are gone' hope to 'trap'.. Harrison traded in his wife for a younger model. Oksana is sexy, and whats more she is young enough to have children.

Happy days! I guess some men belive they are only as old as the woman they 'bed. I cant argue with that...but then again..well sha. so what happened? Is a younger woman or older man the guarantee of a loving relationship??

I am helping out a friend of mine and would really be grateful to hear your take on this issue.

Would men prefer to marry a younger woman? is it true? or is it just a myth. Are there reasons for that if it is true. Taking various factors into consideration social, biological, financial, companionship etc( the opinion poll can bring out more factors) factor in love( love is blind and in the realm of love age is just a number) but in reality what would be preferred.

The situation, the man is 35 years old, would he prefer to date and marry a 25 year old lady or a 34 year old lady assuming courtship will take 18 months before marriage.. put yourself in place of the man and make comments. Every situation in life is different and no two people are the same. Make fair assumptions and discuss.

This is an opinion poll mainly for the men and to understand what factors they take into consideration to make a decision. In am ideal world bla Bla bla…………. We don’t live in one .

This poll isto know how men tick and why.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

p.s: *You know who, no vex ooo, but you OWE me ooo:P!*



Anonymous said...

To me, age doesn't matter if there's "magic".. I can't see myself falling in love with a woman that has 10 years on me. but, who knows? I'm not going to let "age" stand in front of love.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thanks Anonymous. That is just my point I guess. There are so many miserable couples out there who said no to true love all because the person didnt fit into a stereotype.

Then again Love can be found with someone older or even younger but maybe it shouldnt be the determining factor.

Oh well, I am just ranting.

Thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

For some couples its all about the fun of the age difference.

Like Demi Moore, its more than likely for a woman her age to be dating someone Ashton's age they’re just having fun. Myquestion is what makes people think she’s taking him seriously? Older women can be players too