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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

When Bobo met Baby....

Hello..please permit me to seek your opinions on a very important issue in relationships and that is, when EXACTLY is a gentleman and lady officially an item???

To expantiate i will give four scenarios which i hope covers the four basic characteristics of many heterosexual African ladies.

Baby A is 20 yrs old, she met Bobo(sharpguy) A when she was a jambite. Baby A's mum has always told her to marry as a she kept off sex at the beginning while dating Bobo A, but after a year, Bobo began to put pressure on her. So one night on his birthday she was deflowered. In her head she believes that they are now Oko and Iyawo, but is this true?

Baby B is 26 years old. She heard that internet dating is now the latest koko so she put up a profile. Soon she met Bobo B(myspacelover) and they became close friends. each of them eager to get to a laptop to send romantic/racy msgs to each other. Now Baby B wears a ring bcos she belives she is now off limits. guys/gals is she justified??

Baby C is 34 years old. She met Bobo C(longtermfriend) when they were in primary school. They have shared stories together of love,flings and heartbreak. They visit each others houses and sometimes goes for trips together.BUT THEY HAVE NEVER TALKED DEEPLY OR BEEN INTIMATE.Now this babe is old fashioned. She believes that a relationship should be defined or else it is not a rlship but as far as Bobo C is concerned this is his last busstop. my people who dey right here?

Baby D is 42 yrs and loves the good things of life.
She met Bobo D(Older guy) three years ago.infact she stored his name as "runs" now baby D believes that her own man wll be the guy that buys her a Bentley. Bobo D has taken care of her but prior to this time had bought her a car. In Jan 1st she received the keys to a Rav4 from Bobo Jan 2nd she prompty removed changed his name from Runs to My heartbeat. Do you agree with her?

If any of this ladies come across signs of infidelity in their bobos, will they be right to get upset?
Thank youxxx


Beautiful said...

dat was really funny.
none of the babes get the right to claim any of the bobos jare.

Rey said...

Reversing the question.....In scenarios 2 and 3. Can Bobos demand right as boyfriends?

Rick Kadiri said...

If her legs are not wrapped around my waist, we are not an item...