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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I started typing out this blog ..

..when the men in white coats broke open my door.They had been knocking for a while but my laptop was still rebooting, so I ignored them.

Soon enough the door was smashed open and they called out my name, mena mena, my mouth is sealed, but the sounds of typing gave away my hideout

I kicked out at the men when they tried to grab me. I clutched my bible to my chest and prayed they would go away.

My family had been summoned to a room at the back of our house and were confined to secrecy over what was happening. No good byes or kisses, but a slap in the face as I tried to reason with the men in white coats.At least they let me take this lap out

I was leg cuffed and bundled in to the back of their van, they freed my hand to keep typing, perhaps thinking that the more I typed, the less violent actions I would be able to display. They forgot about my mouth.

I hurled spittle at the man opposite me whilst chomping down on the woman's throat sat next me. She gave a weak yelp, while the man got some tape to seal my lips.

They still let me type this blog and still allowed my bible.

When the van stopped I was transferred into a three storey building.

I was shoved into the elevator as the injured woman pressed the shiny button with a 2 inscripted on it. She refused to stand anywhere near me.

I was puzzled as surely my lips were gagged?

On the second floor I saw other people looking dazed, some strapped to beds, others allowed to move.

I wasn't surprised just disgusted and almost gagging from the salty taste of the woman's skin on my mouth.

They stripped of my clothes and gave me brown overalls three sizes to big. I. HATE. THAT COLOUR so asked if they had it in purple, received a patronising stare in return.

Not knowing anyone I kept myself to myself and my laptop and my bible.

I was not told to why I'm here, and what I did to warrant such treatment.

Maybe one day all will become clear?

The medication that they force down my throat keeps me light and floaty and making me see things. There is a pink unicorn guarding my bedside, bugsbunny under my bed. Keanu Reeves lying next to me (he hogs the duvet) and Allen Payne, like clock work, constantly show up when I turn on my laptop, leaning to read along while I type my words.

Indeed the typing never stopped but I cant comprehend my present state, The best I can do is blog my past happenings and start to explain what it has been like since arriving here though I seem to forget ..........That is how I feel.

In closing all I can say to you, poor readers, is you for delving into this existence with me.

I just wish they rotated Allen Payne with a few others. (Allen I know you are reading, so Djimon, Will Smith, Julian McMahon and Josh Hartnett immediately springs to mind, so get on it pronto!

For now, thank you for reading and good night. x 

p.s: Sometimes I wake up from this dream!


Enitan said...

Errr..Mena? Right then..:)

Mena UkodoisReady said...

LOL, You sef shock abi?

yes Enitan, you called? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! NOBODY OR ANYTHING can stop you from believing in GOD & blogging o! Keep the spirit burning sistah..weldone.