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Saturday, 13 November 2010

A lil sumthing about me

I apologise to have been missing in action so many things came up recently. Will blog about the more interesting events in the future.

Right now I am in my 'lady of leisure' mode, on the sofa, sipping on chianti and really tired so am keeping it light and will just say a bit about myself and I also want to know a little about you as well, that is if you do not mind :-)

Okay me first...

first of all, my fashion style is a as you can see from the picture above...:P but I digress

Who am I? Me'mena
What do I love to do? I love to write

Personality: could be a tad psycho a mix of Sanguine Melancholic but Choleric when I have deadlines

Level of insanity: High,very very high

Likes: Intelligence

Greatest wish: For all men and women to have goodwill for one another

Abilities: I can make YOU happy. Its uncanny but trust me!

Weaknesses: Injustice

Strengths: Loyalty

Peculiarity:I see beauty,humour, tragedy, love,passion in almost every single thing!

Will continue some other time, please help yourself to some sangria
there is enough right here..
and tell me a lil bit about you

See you soon :)


NakedSha said...

i see things amidst simplicity too. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are ok...nice to know you... SIMPLE & PASSIONATE in what you believe in...qui? i believe you already know MANY things about me ehn?...*grinning*...oh! thanks for the offer, let me siddon like you also & enjoy the drink... cheers.. *clink glass*

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Naked: Chop knuckle me dear kindred spirit!

@ Nitty-Gritty: Thanks my sis, I am very well. And of course I know a lot about you. Infact am sneaking to your award winning blog right away!