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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sad? Lonely? Depressed? This is for someone going through a bleak period


How has been January so far? I hope very well.  For me now new resolutions,  I havent fulfilled my old ones, plus I have decided to take things one day at a time.

So enjoy this one; I hope it brightens up your day


I Met my ex-husband in 1993 when i was 18 and we loved each other . And in 1994 we got married. He travelled abroad in 1996. i waited for him for 9 years before i joined him abroad by then i was 29 years . After i joined him, he got irritated, saying i should hurry up and have children . He started making caricature of me making references to me as barren . I started training as a nurse and after i got a job in the same hospital as him. Before i knew it , he began having affairs with people in our work place.Even when i was a student.,It wasn’t easy , cos my home was hell. i had abuses on my childlessness. How i passed my school exams ,till today i don’t know. He started dating my manager at work cos we were both in the same industry. Even when i confronted him , he didn’t deny it .
I had issues with irregular periods so we tried IVF and it failed . All hell was let loose .Then he called me that someone was pregnant for him and that someone was my manager at work. I Begged him to still stay with me even though there was a child on the way. He said he wasn’t interested and that i should leave his house. I cried and cried but God told me that he will give me a child. By then i was 38 years. He was insulting my parents everyone that spoke to him , he picked a fight with,. later he moved out of the house to live with my manager. He also got me a divorce just to get rid of me. I still refused to leave cos i loved him and i remembered how far we had come .
Finally i moved in with my sister and we divorced in July 2011. Then I started seeking God more than ever.

March 2012 i saw this guy at the station awaiting for a bus who happens to know my sis. And we got talking , and after chatting with him, he asked suddenly if i was married and i said no. He took my no and said he would want his bro to marry me . May 2012 his brother called to say has heard a lot about me and that hes interested in me. Even when i told him i was divorced he didn’t mind. We got married. Between Jan – Feb i began taking fertility medication 2013. In Feb i missed my period. And that was when i tested and found out i was pregnant. And in Nov 2013 i had my pretty daughter at 41years.

The joy in my heart when i see my daughter has caused me to forget the pain i went through as well as forgive my ex-husband. God is so good . He has wiped my tears . I don’t know what you are going through ,but keep trusting God and he will surprise you . And to the men , as much as its in your power do not abuse your wife because of any circumstance that she cannot change. Support her , go through that journey with her. I am in a happy place now.My husband is a gift from God . I encourage everyone to hold on to God he knows how to change your story .
God bless you

Mena: Very encouraging story, God bless to you too, and to everyone just longing for something, hold on!




A-9ja-Great said...

This is a very inspiring story.Touch,but inspiring.God never fails indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thx 4 dis, made my day

Anonymous said...

Inspiring? I think not. Nowhere in this sorry narrative do we see a woman taking control of her life, only letting others dictate her worth. And we're supposed to 'praise God'Insulting. She's a full human being, a person deserving of respect and honor, not to be treated as a baby-making machine. What about women who cannot have children Have they been abandoned by God? The thinking needs to rise above this - we can do better.