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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


She bathed us, loved us with all she had, looked after us. She always wanted the most simple of things and was very good at keeping gifts in prestine shape.She gave us a good deal of....a n y t h i n g.Nothing was too much for her to do. She brought us up and served a s a good source of our family history. yes she helped her only daughter,from the beginning till the end, i dont know how she(daughter) can survive this..

She was a calming influence, an assurance that every thing would be alright. She never complained,always having a laugh,joke,or story from the past. Even when she got upset,her voice was so gentle, it soothed you rather than grates you.

I remember when a sibling came home on holidays, she wanted to see if his nether see this sibling,as an infant, had accidentally slipped into a pot of hot water,his skin was badly burned, so she wanted to check if that area turned out alright...Yes, a very authentic source of family

I can remember when her husband died, i took a hanky and was cleaning her sweat,i dont KNOW why i remember that moment.. i could feel truly free with her. My heart bleeds

Towards the end,she became the child and i was the adult,taking care of her, gently assuring her about Gods Promises. After her first stroke, i remember always telling her in a gentle way that certain foods should be avoided..she never agreed with me.does it matter now?

Oh Gosh do i miss her..i miss her so much,it hurts me. I cant believe..i am gutted. For the first time, i look at the word "gutted" my guts do feel pulled out..

I cant believe that i will never see my grandma many things i feel i should have done better, so many things i would still like to do with her. Couldnt she have waited a bit...?am i being selfish, unreasonable?questioning God? I dont know yet cause i am still in shock..Looking at the aged women i come across on the street, brings back memories.

I love you grandma, till we meet again..i REFUSE to say g o o d b y e,not yet,not now...

Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of the Lord. (did i just write that?)
by Mena on on Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 12:06pm


Nutty J. said...

I'm sorry about your Grandmum...may her soul RIP

ps: Ojakovo sounds very familiar ooo

zooma said...

Really I am against a man beating his wife for ANY reason but seriously why do parents beat their children?is it simply because they want to correct them?if dat is yes! Then why don't they verbally tell them what they have done wrong and warn them never to do it again.dat should end it abi? But no...wait for a while.the same child dat he corrected verbally and even petted after the correction goes ahead and does the same thing.The parent loses it and flogs the child.
How does it relate to wives getting abused.A man is basically a male and share one common character trait.ego.(This applies even in the animal kingdom)that's how God made us. men are constantly in a war to shield and protect their ego. for a man,disrespect is like a bruise to his ego. taking away his ego is akin to emasculation. Any wife that is wise to recognize that fact has won half the battle.she will enjoy the gains of a man who would go to great length to win her continued admiration and praise. a woman who fails to take dat into consideration when dealing with her spouse will do dat to her own peril for she will create a monster that may eventually kill her.(God forbid).
I can go on and on,but let me summarise by saying dat there are men who are evil,conceited,proud,abusive and all.and for these men,women need to be on the look out for them and desist from marrying such men.but for most men who are devoted,hard working and sensitive any wise woman would do herself a favour by studying the man and in love,quietness and submissiveness bring out the best in d man.
Because of civilization and exposure most women see themselves as equals to the man and would do anything to assert themselves in d relationship.they will nag instead of suggesting,they will bitch instead of quietly telling the man what it is dat is the issue,they will get angry and abuse the man instead of controlling themselves and allowing thenselves to cool off.some women even go to the extent of physically provoking the man to get him to loose his temper if he is giving them the silent treatment.
Let me tell women this...any husband who is constantly being ridiculed,disrespected and harrased by his wife will soon loose his love for her.and believe me a man who has lost his love for the wife is a man whose beast is being fed.The beast will surely turn ferocious.But a woman who inspite of the fact that her man is being stubborn and egoistic chooses to use her feminine and subtle charms of diplomacy, respect,submissiveness and praise will win d man's heart completely and believe me the man can never raise his hands on her.infact she will be to him the tonic dat fuels his aching heart.
I may have offended some women here.but let me say once again that I do not subscribe to a man beating his wife.I am only suggesting how a woman can go about avoiding such in her home.