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Monday, 29 November 2010



How was your weekend? Good? Bad? so so? Mine was terrible :(, firstly the boiler packed up (in freezing temperatures, I should add) affecting my central heating, which in addition caused water to run from my overhead tank..ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Note that my chief and chieftess are visiting and of course will be cold and upset (more on them when you click here )
All in all I had no heating all weekend and very angry guests PLUS will have a huge water and electricity bill to look forward to next period.. Methinks its time to bite the bullet and buy own house!!!

Anyway enough about it and the kind of torture I have been panning for my estate agent *deep breaths Mena* I have a couple of blogs I will be sharing in the next few days which I hope you can some time to peek at :)).

The first one is a lighthearted take on Nigerian men. All stererotypes but still hilarious. The second is another article on the womanist called Kola Boof. There is a number of articles on her here here and here so far, which, I should add, have had a lot of hits from visitors to this blog but the visitors are sharing their thoughts? Perhaps they find it a voyeuristic delight???

Swiftly moving on...
apart from those blogs mentioned, I have some more blogs still in draft phase, which I hope you will enjoy!

Before I forget, gigantic HI to newbies! Thanks for following me and for posting links to my blogs in your website..I sincerely appreciate that and will like to reciprocate, so please place a comment in here with a link to your website or more recent blog so I can go and interact with you as well as follow you! Thanks again oxo

So am off to publish the first blog then! Note that even as I sign off from here the water is still gushing out and there is still no heating! Oh well, have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading those blog posts! If the weather where you are is anything like here in the UK, all I can say is 'pele'. Even with heater and jacket, I'm freezing!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Yes, its sub zero!! But its ok now, thanks. Plus am now following you :)