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Friday, 5 August 2011

All these bellies and big bum business sef (is it obvious that am beefing the exercise routine)ing)

Yes I am still ranting about exercising :-(

Well I guess from yesterday's blog the only thing one can do is....wait..fashying fellatio, cunnlylingus, kissing, hugging, sucking, feeding via lips, talkless of chandeliers, reverse cow girl, nibbling of earlobes, and so on. As a virgin I dont know many of these things o, but with how much chatter they get from the internet,the must be very fun thing to do as a married couple

But heh, hope virginity doesnt stop lapdancing o, heeeh, it better doesnt, cus am trying to perfect the art with my favourite chair oghenebikoooo!!

Down to the main blog, So as my mum and I were going for the usual routine exercise which consists (for me) of walking, jogging a bit, walking some more, drinking water. Ignoring the footballers, volleyballers and other ballers. Ignoring the runners, the aerobics experts, the otakara dancers. I call them Otakara cus if its not lap dancing snkae dancing or 'getting your eagle on' WHATS THE POINT???? Note that my mum is a much much more serious weightwatcher than I am and can quick walk round the field 25times if she wants, she is just slowing down for my lazy ass to catch up.

Anyway before I digressed, so as I was avoiding them pumped up athletes and panting y way through, i got this epiphany! I was suddenly thinking of prominent females in our society surely SURELY they have big bellies and butts. I mean come of it, this woman is not huffing and puffing like me na

Neither is she,-->
and she is presently a very very hot 'commodity' right now

And oh please, leaving the world of politics lets not even go to entertainment. Cus if we do we just have to paste this lady's picture---> and say full stop!!!

And while some are huffing to loose theirs, others are gaining recognition for theirs.

Carol Voderman just won the award for Rear Of The Year 2011 alongside male winner, Strictly Come Dancing professional Anton Du Beke.

Before now, the British media has been obsessed with derriere of Pippa Middleton (sister to Kate Middleton, who got married to Prince William in April)which in my humble opinion is hardly visible.

Whats wrong with British people anyway? I mean, Pippa doesn't even have a rear in that dress. It's weird that it seems to have got so much attention. She has to bend very low for it to actually show that I agree with the thought that Pippa's bum can only be entered for "invisible thing of the year"

All in all as I see through the glaze of fatigue to the gate of my house, I thank God for two women, of different sizes, for loving their belles and bums.

Falls into bed dreaming of this -> NIce huh?

Or even warmer, cosier and better this -> .God knows what he designed oh! LOL.

(Disclaimer: referring to their poses not one of their website was advertising oh. :-)


p.s: Is it me or there seemed to be no fat women in the bible?


9jaFOODie said...

lmao@ "Is it me or there seemed to be no fat women in the bible? " I don't think people were "fat" in those days, with all the lack of good n stuff.Carol Voderman is a sexy woman, love her shape.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

lol abi oh, things were very very different and harsher then.

thanks for the comment and for stopping by :)

Olori said...

i was goin to ask o cos me no see any thing for back for pippa....wat r dey on about biko.....have they seen wat we african women carry that they are making noise with pippa.....nd biko is dat her full name..pippa. im expecting something like pippaline or something

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Olori ooooo, pmsl (laff wan scatter my belle) looool!

'Lara said...

Pippa no get anything jor, well I guess British women no dey get ass that na why they are celebrating the one wey get small.

Basil said...

well, all I wanna say am not the discriminatory types. big bums or big boobs aren't a criterion, so long as u are true in nature,guys will love u.

Anonymous said...

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Myne Whitman said...

Boobs and ass are no wahala, it's the tummy that gets all the stress, lol...

kitkat said...

loved the pic lol