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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

to cougar or not cougar

Abeg this jogging, bicycling, malarkey get as e be, better stick to dancing and lap dancing... you cant tell me this lady (Andressa) didnt loose any weight by only jogging and gyming, she must have maintained her figure by doing all THIS jare....

Meanwhile I have recently found myself admiring younger men..Does that make me cougar? Younger as in (22/23 but built like an athlete ooo) Final year(like saying still in university/college or NYSC, 0r just graduated uni/college/ Job Applicanttypes, etc

Can I still be a cougar if my regular age mates, older and far far older men also expect me to treat them like kids?

Plus my age mates seem to have let themself go to fat thinking money is all they need to get a relationship, well what the heck about those groups of ladies wey no dey find money ( have their own darn money) ????

I mean I came across an ex of mine so we did the obligatory hug and boy oh boy the rolls of fat i felt in the area which was supposed to be his chest and belly mentally reminded me of (owo/ banga soup) this really oily, very soft and squishy dish ..yukky! that bad! not attractive!!!!!

So does that make me a cougar?

As we all know from my depressed state here yall know my mama has forced me hubby hunting so i meet up with all sorts and will blog about them through time.. Like this guy, same age as me, lets call him 'Dude Sat', He is ok, a recluse amd geek, is self sufficient but wont do cunninlingus? cus its the same mouth he uses to talk to his mum? But expects fellatio? I was bored of the whole discussion and was outta there in a jiffy, I mean I know I am a virgin but GET THE BEHIND ME ALL MANNER OF SELFISH PEOPLE!!!

or the other i got introduced too, (4 years older than me) he seemed normal, slightly too thin (for his age) at first, until i noticed that; not only does he spend time in my house (in the name of 'love') he expects his 3 square meals served in a similar manner i serve my dad, the high chief and this includes quality of food. obviously every tom, dick and ubong, knows that just as with fine girls, fine food na better money kill am...but nooo, he just eats and eats like my house is a U.N/RedCross/ETC-sponsored ration food store in the middle of a war torn zone! Plus when i speak he uses bible verses to quieten me..shey he don catch ALHAJA BRINGI BRINGII FOOD Abi no be money dem dey take cook food and what about my other needs?

Then the last one (almost 10 years older than me) after almost instantly promising marriage i find out he has a 10 and 5 yr kid in nigeria so HE shuttles between uk and bayelsa..i know for sure now cus he just left for london yesterday without even letting me (in Lagos) know!!!

my people dem see mumu (doormat/someone they can use selfishly) for my head????? Or am I a "BAD" choosy girl? if so there were many bad girls in the bible read Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them

Feeling really lonely, just need companionship not sex, this song captures it, or does it?

So close to paradise, but closer than I should be
It’s like I’m along for the ride, it happened unexpectedly
Promised myself that I wouldn’t ever love again
But you make me feel something, my mind’s always on you
I was standing in the rain (I thought about you)
I was riding on the train (I thought about you)
Feeling high like I seem to do
Every time I think about you
Saw two lovers start to kiss (I thought about you)
Had to hold back the tears (I thought about you)
Other girls no more exist
All because I think about you
Nothing seems to help, I don’t even know myself
I’m trying not to think of you, but a heart does what it wants to do
Pass you by, see you smile and I must admit I get
So emotional, I think I’m falling for you
Bought a pillow for my room (I thought about you)
Heard Alicia sing a tune (I thought about you)
It sends my rocket to the moon
Every time I think about you
Right from this heart of mine (I thought about you)
I wanted you every time (I thought about you)
What I feel is so divine
And it’s all because I think about you
But I’m constantly reminded
Reminded that you’re only someone who I’d like to know
You don’t know me, you’re my private fantasy
You’re with me, constantly in my mind
Had a lovely day today (I thought about you)
Wasn’t hard to get through (I thought about you)
Seems to happen easily
Every time I think about you
Took a walk with myself (I thought about you)
Wish it could’ve been with you (I thought about you)
But every star in the sky came out for me
And it’s all because i think about you

Now am I will just stop there. Thats all for now. But wait oh, anyone else not yet the age of cougar (35-60+) per se but feels cougarish? or have these wierd dates with guys they want to share?

p.s cougar: An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man ref: but used in this situation as an older woman who for various reasons just finds younger men attractive

Any volunteers? I know its a semi taboo in our culture and all so you are free to publish *anonymously* or with a *fake name* ;-)



9jaFOODie said...

It is frowned upon in our society sha. here is my rule- if you are not older than his immediate elder sister and he isn't younger than your immediate younger brother then it's okay. anything above or below this, me I don't know sha ooo. People will judge you whatever you do, you might as well do what makes you happy.

TheRustGeek said...

Lol @ get thee behind me... welllllll.......... we need to get T.Notes to step up jor...

Had a major falling out with my sister this weekend over the weight thing... Yours truly has started trekking to work as a result o..

Oh well, meet them all.... According to this research (pdf link) , the most likely way to meet a partner is through an introduction

T.Notes said...

Holy nuts @ lap dance from Andressa Soares breaking someone's nuts ooo!!!

Myne said...

That lady is hot o, lol..

As for cougar, you're just enjoying God's creation is all jare.

Your blind dates, lol...just remain open. The geeknerd sounds interesting, at least he can talk about it. That's a first step unlike the bible quoter.

Unknown said...

My advice... Just know what you want and you must have in mind that you can never get a perfect man; you can only get an imperfect one that is perfect for you...

God will help you through.


Janyl Benyl said...

My favourite Luther Vandross'song. It's now in my head, thanks to your lyrics.
Lol don't you just like the ones that come hungry, expecting you to take up the role of their mothers? And you'll think they don't know that it's free food only because someone else had to do the buying of the stuffs. He has seen free cafeteria now LOL

Eh yah meanwhile it's not easy being under the pressure of looking at men with the intent of having to choose one. All the best with that!

Anonymous said...

.....pls don't cougar o!...hehehehe....but e dey happen well well! you would see advertise by guys looking for a sugar mummy!....well they say age is just a number....

Ginger said...

Abeg leave those sugar boys joo. I think they are a drain. Hold on for someone that will match you in all ways..

Anonymous said...

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