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Thursday 12 April 2012

HELP (3) Spiritual battle!


Following this and this story. Here is one more unedited and true story of suffering and faith that touches the heart.

I was born around 1968 and married my high school sweetheart at the age of 20. A day before the traditional marriage, somebody from my father's side of the family confronted me and said it would be over her dead body before I will have any children since I chose to marry before some of my elders who were still unmarried. I gave my life to Jesus that same year and started praying. I was unable to have children until this woman died after FIVE years of marriage.
On February 22nd, 1989, I fell into an Aquarium glass that almost killed me at Fola Agoro where I was working then as a sales representative, while I was in the hospital, a family member showed up in my dream and said I would not survive the attack. I prayed fervently and asked the Lord to take care of the situation. I survived. (The person died).
In 1992, ( I forgot the exact date), somebody threatened to kill me in my dream, when I woke up, I prayed that God should deliver me from this attack. I went later that day to Mosafejo Market in Oshodi and fell into a big Canal where you board Ketu busses. It took three strong men to drag me out of that pit. I survived again.
Two years after I joined my husband in the States, I had a terrible dream that I was being deported even though I had a "Green Card". On May 31st, 1997, three months after the dream, we visited Nigeria, and my husband left and ran away leaving me and our 3 years old son. God used my boss, Rev. Bosun Ayinde and his wife, Mrs. Peju Ayinde, of Akinola Cole Crescent, Ikeja, with the help of Immigration Officer Popoola and Custom Officer Nta to get me back to the United States after two and a half months of suffering and struggling.
On June 3rd, 2003, after two days of another terrible dream from these wicked people, my three children with their father, (my new husband) were involved in a terrible car accident. All hope were lost, but I cried to Almighty God who performed the greatest miracle of all! Everybody Survived!!! I continued praying and fasting.
On February 25, 2008, I saw in my vision, these wicked spirits told me that they will not rest until they destroy me. I responded that the Lord God whom I serve everyday will avenge and vindicate me as I never do anything do them, and that God will fight my battle for me. The next day, at 6:30am, there was a terrible storm in Atlanta that destroyed GA Dome and World Congress Center. Unfortunately my home was among those that were destroyed. To God be the glory, my three children and their father survived the disaster (I was at work). Halleluyah!!!
The Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord his God delivered him from them all.
My brethren, this is the reason I fight and seek the destruction of my enemies and I also extend these prayers to others who might be going through what I have been through.
I pray that the Lord who had delivered me from all these calamities will deliver you too in Jesus name. Amen.


As written by Taibatu O.O.


A-9ja-Great said...

All I can say is; If you don't know the place of God in your life,you're as good as dead because the enemy works night and day to steal as much as he can from you.Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I Thank God Almighty for this lady. God is really working in her life. it is a pity those people havent noticed it yet and given up.

HoneyDame said...

Wow, when you are a chosen race and a peculiar person, there is nothing anybody can do about it. Thanks to God on your behalf and may he continue to fight your battles!

Toinlicious said...

This is serious o. May God continue to be our shield

Molara Brown said...

This is some serious ish...Thanking God for this woman, and His Mercy and shield shall be with her always.

Ginger said...

This lady must be undergoing some mental ish. Why is her life vexing so many na?

Mena , I saw your footsteps on my blog. I nearly dance azonto. long time no see :p

Scarlet Xianne said...

I totally identify with that woman.Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all.It's well.

Scarlet Xianne said...

I totally identify with that woman.Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all.It's well.

Anonymous said...

@Kiky God is ready to answer anyone that call on HIM & not her alone, so whatsoever it might be that you are going through, don't just think its her & some people that God Loves, He Loves Every one, that's why He Gave HIS Son For the World to be Saved & safe from the devil. So please stay strong in The Lord, keep trusting HIM. & make sure YOU take HIS Word TO HIM ALWAYS & allow HIM to direct your steps. Its well with you. So its Better if we put that Statement this way. "God That Works Wonder For all that call & Trust in HIM"