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Friday, 27 April 2012


Interesting stuff from here

‘I hope you all brought your International Passports as we announced last week. Everybody, raise your International Passports. Lift it high to the heavens.

I decree and declare that, in Jesus name, your passports will never be denied visa. Favour will accompany your passport wherever it gets to in Jesus name.

You have to be careful of the people you allow to touch your passport. Some of you allow people touch your passports anyhow, not knowing that those people want to draw you back in life. They don’t want you to have the opportunity to travel so that life can be good for you. So they rub fetish things on their hands and touch your passport and that is why you keep getting denied visa.

Now, raise your passport again. I cancel the effects of every negative contact your passport has made. I decree and declare that you will never be denied visa anywhere your passport reaches, in Jesus name.

I challenge you today, after this anointing service, go and apply for that visa. You and all your family. You won’t be denied.’

This is just a brief summary of the exact scenario I witnessed in a church recently.

Is it just me or is there something wrong with this scene? If we don’t think there’s something wrong with it, then maybe we are facing a bigger problem than I envisaged. This is the level of desperation that the Nigerian system has subjected its citizens to. A life where 6 months Visa has now become a prayer point. And when the Visa is obtained, the whole church dances as a show of thanksgiving for 5 minutes. It is not a good sight to behold. This is synonymous to misery. Where going to another man’s land has become the main essence of some people’s Christianity.

At this service, I could see the reactions of the congregation to these prayer points. The zeal was apparent on their faces, as they lifted their passports high. They kept shaking their head and prayed fervently to God to make the ‘impossible to become possible.’

In my own opinion, some people have decided to take advantage of the vulnerability of suffering Nigerians and used it to trivialize the Christian walk. We now conduct International Passport anointing services. The pastor here portrayed the situation like getting out of Nigeria is synonymous to living a better life. It was as if, once you get out of the country, your life will suddenly be better. There was no talk of job opportunities there, no talk of education, nothing. Just get out of Nigeria and you will immediately start walking on streets of gold.

They failed to mention that the reason why some Nigerians are being denied Visas is because they don’t fill their forms accurately. Some don’t have enough means to take care of themselves when they get to this ‘Promised Land’, some don’t even have where to stay when they get there. But we must all try their luck and apply, mustn’t we? Who knows, the anointing might work when they CES officer sees our passport, so he will refuse to check our application and automatically give us Visa to his country. And woe betide us if we are denied, oh well, the witches caused it.

Well, as it is the culture of the average Nigerian to blame someone, I must also look for someone or something to blame for this appalling scenario I witnessed. But who? Is it the government that doesn’t ensure that Nigeria is not a country in which every single citizen is dying to run out of? Is it the pastor that has decided to base his anointing on anointing passports, rather than people?

After all, he must make a living. Or is it the desperate citizens that have decided to turn a blind eye to the endless opportunities in this country, even though it seems like we are going down by the minute? Who exactly will my blame wand point to if I spin it? Well, I refuse to spin it for now. After all, the saying goes, it is the instrument of your need that God will use to draw you closer to him. And what is the need for most Nigerians now? Visa to the Promised Land.

By Atilola Moronfolu


Miss M said...

Hi Mena, you know i'm a fan right? First of all i completely agree with this writer, i understand the people have needs and no need in more inconsequential than the other but er....aren't we missing the point here. Well, more than a point, if you really ask me. We have so trivialized Christianity and God and turned Him into a free for all check-out store but God is God, me I'm only Human. What do i know?!
Secondly,your theme combined with the colour of the text is making it hard for me to read your post. You must know i love you because if you see the struggle to get to the end ehn? and i can't even find my glasses. :(

AO said...

Name and shame babe.
In the UK, Naija churches pray that the Home Office grants people visa or extension ...

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thanks for the comments as well as the criticism.

Miss M: Agree with your thoughts on needs, Indeed we all have needs but my gosh the vampires are so quick to circle around their victims'haba!

Hey its ok, and thanks for trying to even read it all and place this comment. I thought white text colour on a dark background was ok? I do hope this change help? Will try others over the weekend

Miss AO: Thanks for your comment dear! I bet that its not just in the UK too!

Thanks all for visiting xoxoxo:))

Toinlicious said...

What amuses me is the way people act like the minute you step off the plane into the "promised land" they hand you work permit, keys to a new house, job documents etc like it's automatic "milk and honey" smh

Molara Brown said...

I totally agree with this post and this does not happen in churches alone, it happens in all them asalatu's also.

The state of our nation is not helping matter at all and the gullibility of some people is the means of survival of some.

Tobi said...

I haven't posted a comment in a long time but this time, I just have to.

Everything you said is true and I wonder how we have become such a gullible people. Even in the U.S, there are prayer points for permanent residency. I still don't grasp this. I just pray that God opens our eyes.

Chi said...

Girl this topic is deep, I can so relate to this post. In the name of Jesus, may we all not be denied

Naija pastors will not kill persin, I think the pastors are ignorant that fail to mention about the struggle, they don't talk of the struggle one faces when they get to the promised land. Yankee no be beans, people abroad are cleaning toilets, cleaning poop, working jobs that they won't even do in Naija. Also, if you don't have papers, it's a different struggle all together. the pastors should pray the prayer and tell the reality of how tough it is to make it abroad, except if such pastors are encouraging people to do yahoo yahoo as a means of

Unknown said...

It's really deeply sad

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when one decides to start a church because of commerce and not because he/she was led by God, you start answering to the whims and demands of the congregation and forget the core purpose is to win Souls for God's Kingdom.I'm sure they were complaining that it seems as if Pastor is the only one that travels out,why can't he spread that anointing to the congregation? Next thing you know,Pastor is informed and Visa Services are being held.It's quite sad really.May God open our eyes and grant us wisdom.

Myne said...

Overwhelmednaijamum said it all. God help us all..

Chi said...

You have been tagged! Check it out via my blog. Enjoy the rest of the week.