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Wednesday 7 December 2011


This is a continuation of SEE ME SEE TROUBLE MY PIPU

Let me start by saying people have always said that I am quirky, quite intelligent and somewhat old fashioned and always seek enlightenment in every field possible so why am I not married yet? all I can reply is that I want a stable marriage. I wanted to live with an intelligent, educated( both formal or informal)man that I have things in common with, someone I can discuss with intellectually with, someone who is patient and gentle, very capable of laughing in difficult situations. He maybe a party person, who moderately loves the delights of Holland (Wink), a sports/sports channel fan but understand I prefer romantic quiet moments, prefer discussing issues like; politics, family life, relationships and so on. In addition I would love to spend time and my earnings on the less privileged, love walks in the park, attending plays at the theatre, climbing mountains and just enjoying being together thats the kind of man that I could spend the rest of my life with.

Yeah thats me up there trying on a wedding dress as my closest friend, Jing Zhao was interested wedding dresses that day at one of the shops at Selfridges, London

My parents have put so much pressure on me that I have been forced to consider the wrong people and call it God's special Grace, raw instinct or self preservation but even with the gernomous pressure I flee from those wrong people.

Ever since I relocated I have met mostly dishonest, abusive, unreliable or gold digger types (though I blame the latter economy) Yes I have met decent people too but they are almost all happily married.

Soh He was one of the few people I met on my first week here. He asked for my number and call it loneliness I gave it to him. From there we chatted a lot. He told me he was renting his place and his earnings were xxxxxx. (I didnt ask him o!!) Then we started going on dates where he will insist on surprising me with the "tastes of Abuja" which consisted of sharing a single shawarma on two occassions. Then he just like that wanted to make out and even have sex. I told him in clear terms, that he hasnt even asked me out, I have certain priniciples on making out & sexual intercourse (no i no holy pass but you get the drill). He went quiet and then said he understood. Needless to say I saw less and less of him, he stopped calling, when I called he was busy. When we mistakenly met he told me "his relative" was ill. At the same time I fell very ill and thought it was a small thing until I was rushed to the hospital. On resumption I went to the company clinic (where I met Doh a consultant doctor taking a maternity cover for our regular doctor. more later) Well with Soh I figured it was the whole I refuse-to-make out-and-have-sex-barely-a-week-after-knowing-you-exist thing and let him go, no be this age I go dey accept plate of rubbish jare..

Only for him to call me from the blues tell me that "the relative" lost his life upon all their efforts. So I decided to visit him at his home. I felt odd that he introduced me to his mum with my current post like one gbo gbo bigz powerful girlz, I felt odd...Anyway he sat me down and then he explained that the person that died was not a relative but his dad. He said he was ashamed at the time to let me know that at his age midthirties he was still living with parents, earning xxxxx.(All that wouldnt have mattered to me if he had said it from the start ooo but the lies killed it for me) I hadnt finished digesting the lies when he began on me, he rained verbally abusive words on me not being there for him. Being so damned hot and sexy on the outside (his words, i dont buy flattery that easily), yet having so called principles on the inside etc etc I managed (in btw the rants) to tell him I was ill myself at that point. Then he did a 360 and said now his dad was gone he was going to 'chase' me on my terms. I was just gobsmacked and decided to just reduce this friendship to acquaintanceship... not knowing one more shocker awaited me; one day there was suddenly no water in my area so i called him and asked if there was water in his, he said yes and said he will send two 20litres of water in jerrycans to me. I was grateful. Only for the next day I asked him if he could take me somewhere for lunch since he had a car and I was on medication at the time. He gruffly replied that I should go without him, he is in a meeting. I asked someone else (fah more on him later...i say troubu dey lol) and he agreed and we went for lunch as a group. Soh happened to see us and sent me a bbm asking me to return both of his 20litres jerry can that moment. Laugh bin wan tear my belle so if na better thing he did for me he would have asked for it back on the back of seeing me eating lunch with a group of other people.I asked for a reminder of his address so i can send them to him, he says no he will come and get them himself. I keep his kegs outside my gate. But he comes saying he felt like a mugu, felt hurt and jealous at the fact that i went with someone else. He used words I dont want to repeat but wont forget. After all said and done, he says he will continue "chasing me" I said we are just acquaintances now as I have never met any man as petty as he was. He still insisted on chasing....

Well now its time for Doh: His own was like a badly done Nigerian home video. As I mentioned before, I met doh while I was ill, my blood sugar level was too low so I had to keep coming to him every morning for an accucheck. So we got talking and one day he states that I am the woman he wants. I was shocked as that was unprofessional but I guess this is naija. Since I had to keep seeing him for my blood sugar checks anyway,I ignored it. But then he told me about himself asked a bit about myself (in the guise of checking my habits and why my blood sugar was so low) And finally asked me out on a date speaking a lot about my body and that its unbelievevable I was single with that body and look.(Again his words) Well my mum had spent that week guiltripping me on this marrigae and children issue even with my illness that I was almost climbing the walls in offence. We went on the date, I didnt like where he took me (nkwobi joint) as after such a bout of illness, hygiene was very high on my list. Then he drops me off, wanted to come in but I said no. He kept exclaiming that my area was lovely, that they must pay me a huge amount of money. Now all this I am saying is literally day to day like Monday then teusday then the next etc etc. So on thursday my blood sugar was stable and I went to the office for a full day and saw all the work I had to do was piled up waiting for me, so naturally I was busy but Doh kept calling just to say sexy words and just generally distracting me, so after explaining for the fifth time that I had a lot to do and that my position in the office was too strategic for me to use my phone at will, I just had to ignore him. That day I closed very very late and was walking home with a laptop and lots of documents, very heavy laden in a dark corner when Tee called to say hi. I explained I was walking in ssss street when he asks me to go straight back into the office as its not safe to walk on that lonely road alonr and then he drove down just to pick me and dropped me off at home, with my bbm and phone going off due to Doh's odd possessiveness. The next day friday I spoke to him (Doh) that I would be in a meeting till late. The meeting started and he started bbm and texting and calling. (Twas in that meeting that I met gigolo Rah) The meeting went on till very late so I honestly couldnt take calls nor reply text messages. When the meeting was over it was sooooo late, Rah offered to take me home and dropped me at my gate, On getting to my bed I read Doh's messages or at least his final one. I thought you were different from other Abuja girls,you refused to pick calls because you were with men. If you ever hear from me again.etc etc I gave him a befitting reply and stopped all communications..He still kept calling and calling for almost a month and only recently stopped....

Ra:,Remember he took me home? he kept telling me to attend his church and preaching at me. I figured since he was the church type I have at last found an Abuja friend...This was until he started saying he had a fiancee and several other lady friends on his case but he really likes me, that I am so calm, so sexy, so hot I do things to him etc.(Again his words) That he is ready to leave his long term girlfriend for me..Now apart from him being almost as young as my baby brother. His tales were quite bizarre. He said his long term girlfriend is a virgin but was once pregnant but even after an abortion, she is still technically a virgin. Or the one about prefferring older women friends and how he used to give them great sex in exchange of material benefits. How one day, on the promise of getting a generator, he "did" one Bank Bigz Girlz till she had multiple orgasms but she never got him the Gen etc etc. I couldnt reconcile these stories so I finally told him to keep the faith in his church, and be faithful to his 'virgin' and maybe marry her soon before he gets tempted to disvirgin her again. Then kept our friendship level on colleague at work level because I NOTU FITTU SHOUTU NOR ADVICEU ANYBORRY. Everyone is entitled to their *ahem* stupidity!! and beliefs.

As for Fah: he was just a short pervert from the first day we started talking, we hardly spoke at eye contact bcos he had 'wandering' eyeballs all over whatever I was wearing. Several times he was meant to give me sensitive document, but will first make to kiss me (NAIJA AGAIN and untop the fact that he had to almost climb a chair to get to my lips) at which I warned him seriously. Someone tried to reconcile us and that was when we all went for the lunch that got (SOH) hopping mad. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I saw him with another guy at his office and he came later on and with pride swelling in his entire 5ft 4 inch frame, told me that the guy in his office asked out of some particular ladies at work,which one was he 'doing'. I promptly decided it wasnt necessary to have a friend in Abuja. I will look for movies or go to Lagos or/ and London frequently

Tee is nice, he came to pick me up that night I closed real late, even telling me to go back to a safe place (my office) and wait for him. Tee is a gentleman, the first and only time we went clubbing he was a gentleman and very well behaved making sure I got my home safely and going back to his own home. Tee is evasive about the real things but can talk a lot about vague odd, 'herbs' induced topics. Tee is very very laid back. Tee avoids discussing serious issues. Tee obviously finds me very sexually attractive and says he likes the mysterious way my mind works as well, Tee talked a lot about this multimillion naira business he runs yet he has no money to call me for more than a minute, I REFUSE to do the call back. Tee is engaged, Tee loves topics about inspiration and business too. Tee recently opened up to me about some financial issues stuff and I said I would try and help...but...but....but...then I began to wonder why cant his family help, or his fiancee or her family help? and It hit me like a punch out of the blue, I was probably being taken for a mug yet again. I had to tear out my hair, shred my garments and holler (all in my mind) JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE STUDIED A COURSE ABROAD AND MOVED BACK HOME TO WORK DOESNT MAKE HER A MONEY TREE...So I stalled and stalled and stalled and thats where we are right now.

Now I am thinking of ways to avoid my mother's calls because they are ALL about whose marriage she attended followed by this annoying 'how far' which is just code for have you found a man to settle down and have children with within 3 months of relocation even including illness. Yes I want a family but please dont push me into eternal pain, I could be quite melancholic and sensitive so wont use my own feet to walk into eternal pain.

And on a similar note: A popular society lady once said I think everyman is looking for a replacement for his mother. That’s one thing I have learnt. In life, every man looks for that woman who would not just be his wife but his mother, whose paramount objective is to ensure that he can be the best man he is meant to be. Perhaps in me he has been able to find that combination of wife and mother. The mother element is very important, because it’s only your mother that you would trust so absolutely to be able to deliver the best judgments and to be able to pull you back when they think you are doing something wrong. It’s just to have absolute trust in your judgment and go to bed with both eyes closed.

Could she be right?

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Toinlicious said...

And we have a winner. The winner of the hotest and sexiest and creepy-attracting sweetie is Mena!
And i tot my toasters were weird.
My head is still spinning from all those names, from Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So....*shaking my head*
But seriously, where do they make des pple? what planet are they from?? Where do i even start from. Mr Gime-back-my-jerry-cans, how old is he? 3? If na him buy the top you wear nko? And you were not there for him? After all the lies?? The guy is soo far delusional, it's alarming!

Dr death wey carry you go nkwobi joint, u sure say that guy get license so? Anyways, no be say dem dey share sense with medical license so no wahala. And he come possessive join, smh for him.

Mr gigolo-virgin-preggers, it is well with his soul!
Your mom is just being a regular mom tho and they can be quite tiresome. Pele, these ones too shall pass.

Molara Brown said...

Your mum is just a typical naija woman. But come, Mister give me back my jerry cans must be the dumbest he-goat ever, who does that kind of crap anymore. All these orishirishi men in Naija na only God go save us from them.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

loooooool. toinlicious thanks for the comment oh.

dont mind them with hot and sexy, they may have read that ladies react to such words and have hoped I jumped into bed with them instantly. They should have just kept is short and called it creep attracting ladylol

i had to use doh soh etc cus some ppl that I thought never visited my blog called or texted me to ask whn the blog is due and if their names will appear. lmao...

Lol at your analysis..I had to sit down and think of my life wellu wellu. Since 'return my jerry can' gate...



menaaaaa oh! lwkmd.. i literarlly have died.. chei naija men ehn, na only God and they say we women are the most unfaithful in the world. My dear pls dont rush into anything oh! because you would regret it most def.

That nkwobi guy though, nah mehn and then the one forming kiss say wetin happen na, onto which levels?? you should have used the files to hit his head.

And the jerry can guy like seriously, wow. na wa oh! i hear in Abuja its i have a range rover but i dey squat with my friend.... hian

Luciano said...

im practically rodflmao........ewooooo...mehnnn, ure trully giving Toin a run for her money. im in love with this your stories o. these guys are just
i cant get over the "give me my water back".dats just too childish. the lord is ur muscle dear........
dont forget to always carry peper spray (cos of d kissing guy) lol

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thanks Lara for your comments. Truly appreciate

see me see jerry can abi keg or wharever they are called.. and there i was thinking I had it bad when my friend did this match making thing with me and one God fearing, Ymca, successful lawyer dude. After spending say 4,500naira on calls to him as per MTN line, I ran out of creds, he quickly said he will send me creds (i didnt ask him) and he sends a whole *drums rolling* 200naira credit. That was just tooooo much for me. Only for jerry can to happen

My mum still yaps me about that one so pls no one should mention this jerry can business to her or I am literally the laughing, still shamefully single stock they will mock this xmas season. :-)

Thanks for visiting xoxo

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Homemade Entertainment: (Oyamilenu) E no let me talk oh! So please laff out loud.

Ah the one that tried the kiss believes he is the hottest thing in town. In his mind he is very tall with his 5ft 4inch self (am 5ft 8inch so you can imagine me on heels and he went on tiptoe and almost climbed a chair for the kiss. ) He is like I want to settle down but too many women are chasing me. Extremely full of himself.

@Luciano: looool, awww thanks for the prayer. Indeed he is. See me see jerry can gate oo.loool. Pepperspray in Abuja? Or you mean i should carry raw grinded pepper itself, #clarify plis.looool

HoneyDame said...

All I can say is wow!..Just wow!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@Honey Dame: Thanks for visiting and your comments.xoxo

Shuo..jerry can?
Please laugh very well. I probably look like an Alhaja GIVEnchic bringi bringi

@Homeentertainment and Luciano: Thanks for visiting too xoxo

Okeoghene said...

Mena you are truly a winner o. Your guys beat Toin's own hands down. Your relocation back to Naija has been very eventful in the men's department. Did Soh ever ask you out eventually and he is claiming love and jealousy. Just liters of jerrycan water that will not cost more than N200 is what is giving him HBP.Abeg let them all shift jare. You mom should chill o, though she means well ,your situation cannot pain her more than you afterall you want to marry too. Please be patient and be careful and beware of all these POMO men.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Okeoghene: MIGWO! You have said it all in a nutshell. thanks for sharing that advice and for visiting xoxo

J said...

Lord have mercy
Are these stories real
You must have a bunch of deuche bags trailing u lol
Ure such a wonderful person with a good heart ,how hard is it to find a good young man na wa o
Henceforth i am out for a decent,nice,gentleman for you in Abuja
#going through my contact list# lol

A-9ja-Great said...

Now i feel very bad that you met those creepy guys.But then again,we're mostly like that.The good ones,they say,are already taken.Meanwhile,you should please take your time in settling down,this is very important.Please don't let your mum affect your choice or reasoning for that matter.There are still a few single guys out there,just take your time and you'd meet one.I wish you the very best miss sexy.*big grin*

J said...

Sexy lips uve got there a9jagreat
Hope am not commiting a sin oh
Just appreciating!

Anonymous said...

To facilitate was a impressive place of duty. It is inspiring on behalf of all. Credit on behalf of sharing to facilitate slice.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Aww thanks J (big hugs)

@ A 9ja great: thanks for the stopping by and for the advice. I made a :( when you said we're (men) mostly like that, na true?

But thanks for the advice as well. I will keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

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Muse Origins said...

All i can say is where oh where is my perfect Mr Right? There are too many douchebags out there- it's so difficult to sift him out

Muse Origins

Blessed one said...


Thank you for this recent post. I have been checking your blog periodically to see if you have posted part 2 of "see me see trouble my pipu" and I am glad you have. First of, I was laughing my head off while reading your post. It was just hilarious.

All I can say is this, do not let anyone, not even your mother pressure you or rush you into marraige. It is better to be single and have peace of mind than be married and have no peace of mind. I am going to share a true life story with you that happened in my family. As a matter of fact, it happened to my older sister (our firstborn). You see, my immediate older sister (second born) was the first to get married. After she got married and started having her kids, my mother started putting immense pressure on the first born to get married, telling her that what will people say/think that her juniour sister is married and she is not, blah, blah, blah.

Well, my older sister succumbed to the pressure and got married to a guy from abia state who told her at their first meeting that he was a "business man" which is a term perpetually unemployed naija men use to deceive gullible ladies. My sister apparently did not dig deeper to find out more about this guy due to family/societal pressure I guess and chose to marry him.

They have been married for almost 10 years and my sister is and has been the sole bread winner of the family in all these years. Her husband has no job and is neither searching for one or looking for what to do with his pathetic life. He is verbally abusive towards my sister as well. My sister went from a size 10 to a size 22W and she is 5'7 in height. She is obese because she is depressed and sinks herself into food. The husband on the other hand is busy forcing himself on the housemaids. The older housemaid refuses his advances. The other housemaid is 12years old and he was constantly sticking his fingers into her private part.

As God could have it, my mom's friend sent her underage daughter to my sister's house to pick up some items and my sister's husband tried to sleep with her. The girl went back and reported to her mother and her mother confronted my mom about it. My mom confronted my sister who vehemently denied her husband's actions. Well, my mom went to my sister's house and took the underage housemaid from my sister. After the child was brought to our home, the girl now confessed all the things my sister's husband was doing to her. My sister was speechless but now claims he has changed.

Meanwhile, my sister's 7 year old daughter has been complaining of virginal pain. My mom now thinks that her father (my sister's husband) is sexually molesting his own daughter. The thing is, my mother now sees that my sister maried the wrong man and wants my sister to leave him but my sister insists on staying with a husband who has called her fat, ugly, smelly amongst other things all because she does not want to raise her kids in a broken home. Her husband has even told her that if he had the opportunity, he will leave her for a young girl from igboland. This is a man who does not pay rent, children's school fees, nothing!

My sister used to have so much money as a single career woman and lead a comfortable, peaceful life but now, she is constantly broke. In the eyes of the law she is married but in practicality, it seems like she is not because her husband does not help her with anything. He is like a trophy just occupying space on a shelf and a paedophile and pervert as well. My sister now looks like a shadow of herself, is constantly in and out of the hospital and has a very low self esteem.

Today, she blames our mother for her woes because it was our mother who was putting pressure on her to get married thereby indirectly pushing her into the arms of a gold digging abusive paedophile of a man who does not give a damn about her.

To be continued.......

Blessed one said...


I am sorry for my long post but I thought I share this with you because as human beings, we only have one life to live. I believe that marraige should be enjoyed and not endured. Most Nigerian marraiges are hell on earth where domestic violence, gross infidelity, lies, unequal division of labour, disrespect and much more rule supreme. The average naija man does not know how to love his wife like Christ loved the church. He saw what his father did to his mother and he does the same to his wife. In other words, the circle of marital abuse continues.

Mena, in our generation, there are alot of Nigerian men who are just taking advantage of the fact that society puts enormous pressure on women to get married. Naija men are aware that whether they are irresponsible or not, naija women are willing to mary them to avoid societal stigma. Unfortunately, the family unit suffers down the line, the children suffer, and the woman who chose such a man suffers most. Don't believe the lies that "men are scarece". Men are in abundance but good responsible men who are God fearing and have high moral values is what is lacking and much has to do with the decay in morals and values in the country we know as Nigeria.

Don't let anyone pressure you into marraige until you are convinced that the man you are willing to settle down with is the one. There are alot of emotionally and mentally UNSTABLE men and women in Nigeria. You must be very careful. Nigerian society is also crawling with perverts, paedophiles and sexually depraved men who get away with their heinous act. Many who see nothing wrong with having sex with their daughters or raping females. Ask yourself, is that the kind of man you will love to build a home with? If you happen to birth any daughters, they will never forgive you in the future if their father sexually molested them.

I live outside Nigeria but when I am ready to move back to the African continent, I will settle with my family in another African country and not Nigeria. With all that is going on in Nigeria, it will only be a matter of time before crap hits the fan. In all you do, be prayerful Mena and let God lead your way. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

@blessed one
You said it all and then some
Feel so sorry for your sis!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@Blessed one: WORD!! I feel sorry for your sis but I believe she has options, life is tooo short to stay with a layabout paedophile. Her daughter wont forgive her. You gave me so mant deep advices there, am so touched. I believe God can use some people even in blogworld to speak to others suffering from one pressure to another and I think thats what He has done with you, thank you and God bless you. Forgive me but I will use your comment as my next blog so as to reach out to so many women suffering what I am going through.
Would you believe My mum calls me every day and am literally climbing the walls.
The guy I named Fah, actually came to my house last night just after my mum spoke for about 3hours (imagine i close at 7pm, talk to 10pm)again about marriage. Fah is notorious with almost all the single ladies at my workplace. He even mentioned he had threesomes. I am a very quiet normmal person definitely not that exposed, I cant deal with that kind of perversion. But if mum keeps calling and Fah keeps pushing what do I do? WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE GOOD MEN?? all in the name of mums stress.
Thanks you are really a blessing.

@ Anonymous: Indeed she did? Thanks for visiting and commenting on my woes xoxo

Blessed one said...

You're most welcome Mena, and feel free to use my comment on your blog anytime :)

By the way Mena,
There is news circulating of a gruesome murder of a beautiful young girl who is a student and model butchered to death by her boyfriend in Lekki. You see why I said as women, we must stay prayerful and be careful. Now this beautiful young girl's life has been cut short 2 week to christmas. May God protect us all.

Blessed one said...

I know your mum and Fah keeps pushing but please do not give in. Your mum must understand that your overall safety, happiness and well being is paramount and more important than anything else. Would she God forbid prefer you rush into marraige just to become a victim of domestic violence tomorrow and have a gory picture of you splashed all over the internet including facebook? look at the young lady killed in Lekki by her boyfriend. Another lady was killed by her marine boyfriend as well because he accused her of cheating. The Arowolo lady nko? Our world is a sick place and if you make wrong spousal choices, it will hunt you for the rest of your life Mena. It will leave your heart broken and bitter. It might even leave you dead. Better to wait. Explain to your beloved mum that you love her very much and you know she means well but if she does not stop the constant marraige pressure, you will be forced to stop picking her calls. I did that with my mum back then and Mena, it worked. She dropped the marraige topic sharp-sharp. My mum used to call to tell me which and which of my childhood friends were getting married. I cut the conversation short quick-quick as well. Nigerian mothers have to understand God's timing is the best. When God sends you the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh, you will just know it. It will feel right. You will enjoy and cherish the man's companionship and your home will be a blessed and happy one. Think about it....

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Huge thanks to blessed again. I love the way you write and the leghth of your posts is very welcome

yesterday i decided to open up tp my mum and in evenrythimg all she could say is that was my fault i should have calmly acepted rubbish as my age is going by... i was soo disappointed, wanted to weep.

till i got your message. yes oh i will take your advice am just happy someone understands and is not just uniformly blaming me. haba

Ananga said...

I love the way you were able to artfully captured you pain and frustration in a humourous way in this article. Too funny! We cannot do anything but laugh at our predicaments sometimes. Please stay true to yourself as Blessed has advised and I believe that it will be well. A "hot and sexy" and kind babe with a fine personality like yours deserves only the best!

Ananga said...

*the way you were able to artfully capture..." Abeg excuse the error!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

please plis Ananga typos are welcomed here

*blushing furiously* thanks for your compliments. Coming from a film producer thats huuuuge

dontmind hot and sexy, they probably read somewhere that women reacted to words so chose hot and sexy..mre like creep love for just eveything...its been fun

Ginger said...

Toinlicious follow me laff. i was waiting for the 'Re' and 'Mi' too. Mena you re too naughty. but i am aghast. i thought i'd met bad men but these trump em hands down.

Shared sharwarma lol. Returned jerry cans abeg where's the pride our men are known for?

Pls o, dont let your mom get you into a twist. Leave the doors open but keep being you. dont let the standards go cos of 'perceived good man scarcity' or mum stress. good things will come.

@Blessed one, you guys should get your sister out of that marriage pls. She shouldnt ruin her kids future in the name of faithful wife. So so sad. that's why i could never let myself be pressured into marriage. Marriage is forever. forever is too long to be blaming someone for a bad choice abeg. God be with her.

Meanwhile Mena, e be like say we need to hide that your bombshell body under clothe. haba! no go kill person :)

A-9ja-Great said...

Mena,J wasn't talking to you.She said my lips are sexy.Hehehehehe

Thanks alot J,it's no sin to appreciate it jare.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Haba A9ja Great: where did lsay such claim or even post my lips, na you she/he compliment oh, not me

@Ginger:thanks sis for your advice to blessed, i am a daughter and I know her daughter wont ever ever forgive her and thats just the start.

Meanwhile per topic shey u see me see troubu..was planning on spending time with parents, well changed my mind now, I will spend 23-26 ONLY back alone on 27th..I dont need this kind of aggravation..Funny enough while I was abroad they were begging me to come back and this was part of our agreement (no husband stressing moment) but they have since reneged (kinda 'lifting the veil in corporate law' ..thanks my dear

Thanks for visiting whether you jus stalked or you actually commented. I appreciate your gesture deeply xoxo

F.O. said...

*laffing in igbo and chinese*

I cant help but ask the obvious again: are these dudes for real?

*showing delights of Abuja=sharing of one sharwama 2ce= one sharwama

*abeg return my jerry cans with the water? How petty can one get? i am sure dude is on the down low as such pettiness should be the preserve of nasty women:just my thoughts

As for the Nkwobi loving dokita, how unprofessional can you get? In the midst of a consult, him de seek booty call: na wa o!

Mena, there are better Nigerian men(oyinbo self de) out there: you just have to exercise patience so that you don't rush out as some has rushed in: As for your mum, she is only being a natural African mother who wants the best for her child!
I always wonder why in Africa, there is always the need to be view being single as an aberration, curse or problem but for me, the answer i came up with is simply that we tend to think too much of what people think or say about us as we love keeping up with the Jones or the Kardashians(whichever u prefer). this follow the crowd mentality has led to serious errors being made by otherwise intelligent people.
Loved trawling through your blog, you sure are one quirky persona.

Anonymous said...

Madam Mena. Don't mind our Naija parents jor...The marriage thing is almost like an achievement.
No one has to push you till you meet someone you want…and wants you in return. I know people put pressure until you settle for sub par…
Remember when my younger sister got married, Jeez, even as I young reach then, all the pressure was on me. Dad and mum introduced me to all manner of people…remain small I would have had an arranged marriage…and these are well educated people (as in proper French/Britico education)…I couldn’t believe it…
However, if you really want to get married you might also put in mind no one is really perfect…even that smart, educated dude might have some comma…that is where you have to go with your guts…do you think you can live with the occasional slip in character or not…do you think the occasional slip in character would grow bigger…
Cannot and would not give you advise on relationship. You are smart enough to know who you can live with…Don’t even think marrying is the compulsory anyway…:)