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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Help (2) My husband, supported by his church, used me for citizenship! No offence but IN MY OPINION, RCCG functions like a CULT..!

Hello Dear Patient Reader ;)

So I was browsing blogsville when I came across some stories. They claim to be true life stories and the writers actually need our advice. I couldnt resist but bring some of them to them to my blog so readers who have gone though a similar experience can play agony aunt and give them solutions. Or you can even give them some tough love as well. They will be published from time to time in a series titled 'HELP', this is the second part. You can find part one here ( I have given God everything..)

By my thinking any one of us can be silently going through terrible ordeals in our lives thinking we are alone, and believing there is no solution, no way out, well there is a way out! All you need to do is speak out or write anonymously, someone somewhere will respond to you. You are never alone, certainly not in blogsville.

So here is another one of the stories, names adjusted for obvious reasons, published unedited, all words are exactly as she wrote it...

I have been attending the Redeemed Christian church for quite some time. I married a man who is a member of thier church. This man used me for citizenship and he is high ranking member of this church in Malaysia and a member of the church... for 18 yrs in Nigeria. I supported him financially for 4 years, Sponsored him to Canada ,loved him and gave him a son. He left me a couple weeks after he gained his citizenship. This has been after 5 years of marriage and being a devoted wife to him. The church has assisted him to leave me and encouraged him to abandon me and our son. They are gossipers and mean hearted people. I have called both pastors for help in reconciling our marriage. They offered me no prayer or any kind of support what so ever. Even some of the other members in the church who did not like what my husband did to me spoke out and tired to support me and the pastor came down hard on them and discouraged them from doing so. I have been reliably informed that the pastor is arranging a new wife for me husband even though I am still legally married to him and still a member of the Redeemed Christian church. I am aware that not all churches are like this, but unfortunately the Redeemed Christian church function like a cult, but no offence intended. Finacially this church are taking advantage of us and they bought a building they can not afford and are now borrowing all the members money to pay for the down payment. They say by God's grace they will pay it back. This will be impossible for them to pay back as they dont have the means to pay it back. I was at church the church recently and was instructed to dance by a basket placed on the alter and give money if I want to worship with them the pastor centered me out and insisted that I must dance by this basket if I
want to worship with them. Please help me.

Siti Nurhaliza* (not real name) ·

WOW, So much to take in! what do you think about this situation? she needs your opinions now, a sign or word to touch her life. :-( Thanks in advance.
P.s: These sort of stories will be published from time to time in a series titled 'HELP', this is the second part.


Anna said...

Dear Siti,



Anna (also in an interracial relationship)

Anonymous said...


malaysia? a member of RCCG & if i tell you the 'politics' going on in the church ehn?! smh in reluctant to go to church nowadays..looking for another.

Nutty J. said...

Well well well...what do you know.

Render to Caesar what is caesars' and to God what is Gods'

Have you been treated according to what your marriage contract stipulates? NO

Then go to court. You have all the power with you and people with power dont go thru plenty pain..lock his arse up!!

As for RCCG...if you dont like the church, move away. God can be found anywhere and everywhere...dont criticize the church and still dress up for it every sunday. If you have no peace where you go and seek the Lord, then you shouldnt be there.

Jesus is the prince of peace. He is the one you should seek...not RCCGte

Anonymous said...

You have been through a lot. For the sake of your health and that of your children, leave the man and his church. Attend a bible believing church and stay alive for your children.

Unknown said...

Simply callous would have been an initial response!!
You have been through a lot, going by your account!
People should be cautious in giving liberal comments as this is a one-sided account of the situation.
Have you made a formal petition to the General Overseer? If no, pls do!

Anonymous said...

Your narrative was quite moving, but i am tempted to wonder if its is balanced. You make yourself to be the victim, its your husband fault, the church's fault but you have non at all. if it is easy for you to rubbish them so openly all in the name of advice then i am sorry, for marriage and marital problems [which is the sum total of your story] come a dime a dozen sort it out or move on. Your attempts to trivalise it in this manner does not help ya in any way

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks for all the comments people, am very grateful.

Mwajim Al said...

hummm... i would agree and say it is a one-sided story as well. I believe in marriage being binding till death, and trying to work it out and i don't agree with the Pastor trying to break your marriage. If your husband is willing, I would say you should both seek another church, or a christian marriage counselor. And also seek the face of God regarding this issue. If all fails, do what is best for the well being of you and your kids!

Anonymous said...

I was in the RCCG in a european country and I have just gotten out of there. It defiently is a cult. I was fooled in a big way. They use hypnosis and mind control techniques.There repetative music and long praying are all designed to enduce dissociative states where you become susceptable to suggestions. I let my guard down because I thought it was a chrisitan church. It defiently is not they twist the bible to justify pagan practices and control people. They use fear of God and the Devil to scare you. They teach God will curse you If you don't pay your tithes. Maybe one can get physically healed by these soul destructive pracices but none of my healings ever lasted it was like as soon as I gave my testimony the problem would come back and I was too ashamed to tell anyone because it might cause people to lose their faith. Seeking a sign is not faith. Our trut needs to be in Jesus who came in the flesh not this mystical antichrist they have at the redeemed or their Men of God(Which God?) who claim to have all the answers. Dont be afraid to leave for fear or stay for their promises discover the true Jesus and put your trust in him. True Christians don't have anything to fear from the devil except deception and temptation. They seem to know so much about the devil and demons there and we are to be innocent of evil but protect ourselves from wolves in sheeps clothing like these people. I hope this helps someone.