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Wednesday 12 January 2011


I have been given an award by a dear follower and someone I admire for her dedication, her style, her stories, her life. Want to read some nitty gritty encounters of the housewife type,just click the one and only Ibhade. Seriously Ibhade, wowowow, thats nice and thoughtful of you. I'm touched and very grateful.

According to the rules, i should say 7 things about myself;

1. I love to plan so much, its uncanny..infact its borderline OCD!

2. I love romantic depiction in words and sometimes in pictures. I think the lyrics to this song "All I'll Ever Ask" describes me to the 'T' but have never been in love with anyone.

3. I write... a lot but dont publish as much because I am still at a dilemma on what aspects of my life I can blog about, without hurting anyone.

4. Horror movies are my thing, but they have recently become a borefest, forcing me to the psychological drama genre as a substitute. I love investigative, whodunnit like movies..i.e criminal minds, house, csi..but 'The Pinky and the brain' That is the cream of the crop. :))

5. I tend to keep cards

6. I am better at recalling faces of people than recalling names, it only takes the one moment I set my eyes on them.

7. I am very opinionated and I get passionate about issues I care about. Now this streak was largely encouraged by my father, a very traditional man, stoic on gender roles go figure!

Also, am expected to give the award to 15 other bloggers

1} Nutty Jay because she is awesome, intelligent, frank about issues, is versatile and stylish and one of the first to encourage me start a blog and to begin by transferring my notes from facebook to blogspot!

2} Mamuje because her topics are exotic, versatile, served with attitude.

3}Anne Dickens because after Ibhade, she is the next person whose topics are so different to mine and very interesting as well. Think am exaggerating? Just click on her name then..

4}Flourishing Florida because I enjoy her style

5} Wise Sage: Her thoughts are very interesting and her style is unique

6}Pamela: Her blogs were on afrocentric issues. Her very last blog was her journey with maintaining her natural hair. Well I nominate her because she has abandoned her blog and I want her back sharpish!

7}Seun: same reason as Pamela, only Seun dealt with politics and religion. He is a very cerebral writer and we need him back

8}iphyigbogurl same reason as Seun and Pamela!

9}ZOE KIDS: because I would be honored if you guys 'like' the cause on facebook. It is doing remarkable things for disadvantaged kids

10}Marilyn: A very cerebral, capable blogger!

11}Seshe her blog IS stylish

12}Henry though I have just started following him, his topics are awesome!

13}Myne because she is gifted,talented, creative and disciplined. (Has actually published in print!)

14}A Jaye for his exciting movie blogs!

15} Linda Ikeji: The cat fights alone na die!

Other additions
16} Roundsquared Chumolette : Prolific writer and a lecturer to boot! Never a dull moment in this blog

17}Mustard Seed: Lecturer like Roundsquared, she is also a passionate activist, a lecturer, a humanitarian, a volunteer, practically a saint. Sadly like Seun, Pamela and Iphy she has strayed and we miss her and want her back!

18} Amanda Martin :Because her blogs are so vesatile, it touches on current events both on a local and international scale and because her blog is stylishly done.

19} Duchess : Because I admire her humour, her inner strength, and her relentless work. Check her blog out now now.

1}Thank the blogger that gave you the award.

2}Then list 7 things about yourself.

3}Give out the same awards to 15 other bloggers.

4}Then contact them.

Am off to contact them.

P.S: Please if you dont see your name and you are upset, I give you full permission to cuss me out! Because if na me, I will do the same oh. ehen :)

P.P.S: If you took p.s seriously, do be gentle. :P


Thrill Fiction said...

I'd like to thank Mena for this nomination - even though she spelt my surname with a small 'J'.

Unfortunately I can't adhere to the stipulations of the award - 'cos there aren't enough indie blogs that I read. How's about I link your site so the whole world knows I endorse ya?

Job done.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

A. Jaye: I am genuinely sprry, it was an oversight. Appreciate the endorsement :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a that you MENA?..if YES, no wonder the guy at Linda's blog was asking after your mail box!..ahahahhahaha..g-a-l! that body can stop any man on his tracks!...hehehheh...m-e-h-n! are BODACIOUS!...*grinning...tnx so much for the 'opening' act...i was looking around to make sure it was me you were talking about... *laughing*...tnx sis.

It's a pleasure to know you better.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Ibhade, if I use all the adjectives to qualify you, you sef go fear. I appreciate people like you because you are real and compassionate and selfless! I still remember when I disappeared for a while, you actually persistenty asked about me! I was touched.

No mind Zino, that picture wasnt me, but the current one in my profile is me and the one in this blog is me. Mind you, am gonna change it right away to a paint Am an anonymous blogger jare. looool

Thanks again for this, I appreciate!

Pamela stitch said...

loool......was going through somethings then....:-D Maybe soon....:)

Seshe James said...

Thanks Mena for nominating me.... Feels good to know some1 enjoys reading my blog.. ;-)

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Pamela: I will HOLD you to that!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Seshe: of course I do. But I must confess that I dont spend as much time online as I used to do so I have missed a lot of your blogs.

Doesnt take away from the fact that its an interesting blog!

You are welcome :)

Nutty J. said...

Seriously???? OMG I'm speeeshhlless. I waan thank God, my mama and all those people when...bruhahahahaha

Dont mind me I'm practicing for when I receive the Nobel Awards.

Dorothy thanks for this award and accolades, you rock...though you have tagged some of the people I wanna tag. Hopefully I can tag them too since its not against the rules written anywhere.


Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Nutty: my personal person in and out of blogsville. I still remember how you were stirring during an encounter at a namesake blog, with pride!

Yes, you are worth it, you are a great writer, humble, creative, cerebral, brave, bold, funny, with a larger than life personality. You dont allow the lemons life throw at you to you get you down (unlike some of us, cough cough) and you definitely got the stylish and versatile covered.

Above it all, you are a great friend who encouraged me to start writing (I still remember your love letter to facebook apologising for abandoning him (FB) for wordpress who had stolen your heart! Poor wordpress, you left him for blogspot.loool) yes you are a friend that has been there through warts and all.

Doh oooh, thank youuu

Marilyn said...

Thank you girly-girl. Even though I appreciate the love and the good intentions of your award, I have just started posting again after returning from China. A kind of new feeling about wanting to promote peace, happiness and tolerance has swept over me. It was a new experience to come back into America. So hopefully we can all start building bridges towards each other instead of torching them. I appreciate your views on perception. It;s a journey that many of us have to go through, and as long as we keep walking, I think it will be a brighter day.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

You are welcome Marilyn.

So you are taking your blog to the new direction of promoting promote peace, happiness and tolerance right?

Looking forward to it then! :)


Maryanne said...

Thanks Mena for the Nomination..this inspires me to get back on track...Personal Dramas has hindered me from writing more....

DId you say Saint??? LOL LOL am reeling with Laughter LOL

Wild Boy said...

Hmnnn..nice blog! Saw u @ linda' I'm following u...gr8 job.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Mystree: yippppe, welcome back. Look its hard sometimes and we take breaks, but checking up on one another really helps. So keep it up babes!

Everyone please follow Mystree, she is a great writer and a kindhearted person!

@ Wildboy: Seen my comments? Thank you

Myne said...

Thanks so much Mena for nominating me and the attached comments. I appreciate. Will be updating my blog with my own post, sharpish! LOL...

Let me go check out some other awardees..

henryik said...

Thanks Mena for the nomination.It is always good to be appreciated.Unfortunately,i do not know 15 bloggers.I am afraid i will have to pass this one.
Thanks again.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Myne and HenryIk

You are most welcome, please keep it up :)

Henry: You can add from any of the people I listed in here that you might like, and they will add you back.

Miss M said...

Awwwww!{dancing in a fashion somewhat similar to a witchdoctor doing the raindance}
My first nomination ever....Yay me!
Oh Mena! Thanks yous :D
You do look hot BTW and i'm on the post now.

Anonymous said...

HA! it just dawn on me i didn't click the follow up comments button! here i am clicking it!... hehhehhe..oh! that reminds me, i wrote a post 2 days ago.. THE METAMORPHOSIS OF LIFE...& DEE said she would create a link & my humorous LG [that babe is a born comedian o] then said something about DEE not to encourage me to Tag the idea came to me! Why don't we bloggers [if you are interested please] do same? If you don't understand what am talking about quickly visit my blog kia! kia![ i know you are not so active online again.. *grin*] ...when u do, let me know what you think!..take care huh?..xoxo.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Wise Sage: Please dance more, course you deserve it for putting the time in your blog! You deserve it 100%

@ Ibhade: Hi, how are you? Yes was missing for a while but I just published another one from my tatafo online. :)

Ok am back from the blog but I dont understand it. Please break it down for us semi-illiterate-otakara night school followers. Koo


Anonymous said...

@MENA...I want you to post pics of yourself from childhood to adulthood so as to REFLECT the TRANSITION of the human race...without writing a word because as they say, A PICTURE SAYS A THOUSAND @ otakara night school.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Ha Ibhade, u wan see masquerade? osalobualahun! nitoriolorun! I am anonymous blogger ke. :)

As a lagbaja, I dont have transition sessions :).But I will join any other interactive sessions you organise.



Anonymous said... problemo!.

Ojinika Mba-Kalu said...

Oh Mena,,thanks a bunch for nominating me....*can I give u wet kisses*?.

ADMIN said...

Nne, tans a bunsh for the to you my humor is like watching paint dry, lol

just gave you back the award, you dont need me to tell you how amazing you are...check it out: