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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thoughts on 'opinions' and the deceptive nature of Perception..

So I was reading through an article on the financial times and I found myself at odds with a particular company's share analysis, particular its forecasting, so much so that I wanted to write in to give my opinion on that same article. This does not mean that the original intepretation of the data was completely wrong, neither does it mean that I am wrong, it just means that there are several intepretation of events.

I think there is room for all perspectives, I am not going to say that I am right and others are wrong. My opinion is just that, mine and based on my interpretation of what I feel, hear, see and think. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who disagrees with me. Infact I welcome dissenting views, and try to respect the opinions if others and at the same time am not afraid to state my own.

We are all individuals with our own view of the world and our own sense of what we like and dislike. Our interpretations are based on very personal experiences, tastes, interpretations of what we see. If we all agreed we would be no different to sheeples!

As I grow older, I find myself almost seeking out views that are different to my own. I believe that in interaction, knowledge is shared and a form of enlightenment is achieved. I never mistake opinions for facts no matter how eloquent the bearer of said opinion is, I also question everything, a trait of mine, that has earned me the label of 'opinionated'. Oh well...maybe I am.

Why do I question everything? Well one reason is the eternal search for enlightenment and another is because of the power of perception.

Ah perception is a deceptive device of the brain, how we interpret data depends on our life experiences to date, our hopes, bias , and what we want to believe/hope to be true. We interpret what we take in with our senses according to what memories,hopes, desires or opinions we previously held. We look and observe with either a negative or positive filter, but filter we do.What does not fit the ideal picture is discarded or moulded to fit.In other words we crop positively or negatively to fit with what ever opinion we previously held or with what we want to believe.

Perception is not objective and does not give a true picture.Sometime we may change our perception to a more negative/positive one. Another thing is that emotion and affection affect perception and can warp it, in the form of denial.Like a man with an abusive beautiful woman who thinks his friends and family are wrong or jealous of his mate.

Very few can think outside the box of perception and be totally objective, there is almost always an agenda. So your truths may be misconceptions to me and visa versa hence the need for a critical debate. 


Anonymous said... times Mena, i am bias & prejudice in my opinions & atimes i am objective. It just depends on the situation & who is being affected.

Anonymous said...

Hello sister, i tagged you among THE STYLISH & VERSATILE BLOGGERS AWARDS...pls visit my blog to know the rules...tnxxx.

henryik said...

That is voluntarism,the idea that the will is superior to the intellect.In other words you deploy your reasoning to prove your bias.It is worse with Nigerians,where the "leader" is never inept or corrupt,as long as he/she is your "brother" or coreligionist.

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Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Ibhade: Admission is the first step :). My fear is that when if we allow our biases to taint a given issue, we place judgements that can only be termed as superficial. My point is just to encourage us/myself to look at every angle, every element every p.o.v of each issue in front of me/us so as to discover the truth.

Awww thanks luv, done! X

Mena UkodoisReady said...

@ Henryik: How is it voluntarism? Please enlighten me :)