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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Interested in making a difference? read on...


Thanks for all the comments here, and through personal messages . Out of all the personal messages, these comments really struck a chord with me:

// " I want to contribute and stand for what I believe in"
"Can we form a common front against this, it's worth living for, if it is d only task achieved with one's lifetime, it's worth it."

"I will convince witnesses to write first hand experiences " //

So I will be sending a personal message and will tag a few people so we can brainstorm and see how far our thoughts can be carried out into action!

This link is throwing it in the open, if you do want to be tagged, bcos you want to make a difference especially in relation to childbrides and VVF, please send a pm, comment or somehow let me know by tonight. And I can add you to the list.


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